Extremism Experts Shift Their Focus to The Left

Written By Squiggly Line Guy
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The term Right Wing Extremist is one that was commonly used over the last eight years during Barack Obama‘s presidency. Right wingers. Gun nuts. You name it. Those claims aren’t without merit. We should legitimately be worried about the Dylan Roof‘s of the world.

The Left has been long accused of living in Fairy Land. That claim is appearing to prove more accurate than ever with the recent episode of Leftist Domestic Terrorism where Leftist James Hodgkinson opened fire at a Republican charity baseball practice. Representative Steve Scalise remains in critical condition.

The Left’s reaction has been disturbing and downright sociopathic.

There are problems with the above meme that only a Leftist could possibly glaze over. First, there’s no evidence that Hodgkinson was mentally ill. At this point, this appears to be stemming from pure hatred manifesting into violence. Secondly, it’s traditionally been the Left who have lamented white shooters being called “mentally ill” while black shooters are called “thugs.” This is a point that I’ve tended to agree with the Left on. However that’s suddenly gone out the window.

Leftists are lining up to label Hodgkinson as mentally ill, despite no evidence to support that. Why would they make such claims without any supporting facts? Simply to distance their political identity from the Hodkinson, all while at the same time lacking any empathy whatsoever for Scalise, and simultaneously condoning the violence. It’s a simple wink and nod.

The fact that Leftists are quick to excuse Left Wing Terror or recuse themselves of any association is sounding alarms. Vice News reports that the focus of extremism is shifting towards The Left. Brian Levin is a former New York City police officer who is the director for the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University. Levin told Vice:

“The embrace by the far left of tactics that were previously the purview of the far right means the level of political tension in the country can only go up. I’ve been going up and down the state of California meeting with law enforcement officials about this. I’m very concerned about it. What we’re seeing is the democratization of extremism and the tactics of radicalism. I’ve been warning about this, and nobody gave a shit.”

The democratization of extremism as Levin put it, is clearly on display in the sociopathic reaction of the Left to a Republican in critical condition clinging for life.

The Miami Herald also spoke with Levin, who told The Herald that college academics are saying violence is an acceptable form of resistance. “We have become a tribalistic society where violence is now viewed as a form of political expression on all different sides,” he said to The Miami Herald. “I warned that we’d seen increased activity from people on the left who are very angry about the Trump administration. There’s a real chance for increased violence coming from the left. But little did I know that my prediction would be confirmed so quickly and in such a shocking way.”

Levin warned that violence has always been expected from the far fringes of polar opposites, but that Hodgkinson was not on the far end of the Left spectrum. Yet, he was still motivated to violence.