Facebook to Collaborate With Israeli Government to Determine Censorship Rules

Earlier this week it was revealed that the Israeli Government and Facebook are going to team up to delete any content Israel deems as offensive, raising concerns over the implications it might have with the freedom of speech, or the bias it will generate against users.

The Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, revealed that she has submitted around 170 requests to Facebook to remove content, and the platform has complied with 95% of her requests. Of the 170 requests, 120 were against Palestinians and 50 against Israeli citizens adding to 70% of the requests being against Palestinians.

The Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has proposed legislation that seeks to force social networks to remove content that Israel considers to be offensive, however digital rights groups have claimed that such legislation is unlikely to be enforceable and warns of a slippery slope to censorship.

  • Ivor O’Connor

    What I don’t understand is why anybody uses facebook.