Fascism or Fashion: Swastika Boots Recalled

By Crystal Byrd

Just when you thought the Hitler humor was done…a Reddit user notices something unusual about the work boots he ordered from Amazon. Something so unusual he deemed it appropo to snap a pic of his new swastika boots and post it online. The post circulated  generating cheap giggles and some misplaced anger for internet denizens.

The company responsible, Conal International Trading Company removed the listing from Amazon once they realized their fashion faux pas, but not before users snapped screenshots of the offending footwear. The company has apologized profusely, recalled all the boots, and insists they do not stand for hate nor tolerate such nonsense.

How did this happen…rogue racist CEO, shoe designer lashing out, or perhaps a skinhead posing as a regular “worker”? The company swears it was a simple mistake made by their Chinese manufacturer. A likely story, or perhaps the Chinese are less hypersensitive to such a charged visual symbol. We can only hope the boots were removed from sale before Alabama found them…or before the parts of the South still whistlin’ Dixie that don’t rely on a dial-up connection to get on the ole interwebz.


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