Father Invites His Daughter’s Rapist To Dinner… Then Tortures Him To Death

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DELHI, INDIA – An Indian man killed his 14-year-old daughter’s rapist after inviting him over for a home-cooked meal last week. The 45-year-old married man was killed by the girl’s father after having his genitals burnt off using hot tongs.

Apparently the father learned of his daughter’s rape when the girl claimed that the man had come as a medicine supplier for a house call two months ago, and up on learning that the girl was alone, sexually assaulted her at her house. The father did not approach the police at the time so as not to give his daughter a bad name. [RELATED: Texas Dad beats his daughter’s child molester to death… He won’t be charged!]

Instead, the father waited for two months, planning the murder carefully with extreme precision. “The father called the medicine supplier over to his house saying he wanted to discuss some issue. He served him dinner. After the meal, the father overpowered the man and tied him to a chair. He got heated tongs and burned the supplier’s genitals before strangling him to death. He came to the police station and surrendered himself,” a local police officer said.

“Based on his statement, we sent a team to the spot and recovered the body. It has been sent for a post-mortem examination and his family has been informed. A case of murder has been registered and the 36-year-old man was arrested,” the officer continued. 

The Indian Express reported that the father had brooded with hatred ever since he learned of his daughter’s rape. He would often get furious when he would see the medicine salesman happy with his family. Still, even though he confessed to the murder, he claims that he did not mean to kill him. “I burned his genitals once, he screamed. I did it again, he shuddered. When I did it the third time..he did not move. He was dead…I did not want to kill him,” the father confessed.

“A man came to the police station around 4 am on Saturday and confessed to murder. A team was sent to the scene of crime. The body of the supplier was found on the bed, with his hands and mouth tied with a towel.”

The 14-year-old girl is reportedly pregnant by her deceased rapist.


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  • DocRock

    Give the father a medal and set him free. We should all be hanging rapists by their genitals from their neighborhood lamposts. Any father who would not exact such revenge for the rape of a daughter is a lousy excuse for a father.

    • The

      So for the approximately 8% of rape allegations that are shown to be unfounded, what then?

      • Bethie VanDo

        Well the fact that she is pregnant… sorta leads to the thought that maybe he actually raped her. Just sayin…

        • The

          How naive are you? No, the fact she is pregnant does not mean she was raped. The fact she is pregnant- and living in a hyper-conservative 3rd world crapistan- is HUGE incentive for her to claim she was raped when it may have been consensual… or maybe it was not and it was in fact rape. All these questions (and more) can be asked during a trial, which is why its important we have trials and not act like monkeys.

          • Raghavendra Rao

            Umm, sorry if this seems like a “crapistan” opinion to you, but a 45-year-old adult having sex with a 14-year old IS rape, by any civilized standard of law. A 14-year-old isn’t old enough to give consent to have sex with an adult.

          • Michael Weber

            So even if she did consent, he’s still a rapist? I hope you never sit on a jury.

          • Grace Zhang

            As Raghavendra wrote, 14-year-olds can’t give consent. Any adult that has sex with a minor is by definition a rapist.

          • Raghavendra Rao

            Yes, he is still a rapist. A 14-year-old is too young to give consent, as per Indian law.

      • FredC1968

        That’s the problem with executions and punitive amputations.

        • The

          When I hear the words “punitive amputations” in the same sentence as “executions”, it makes me realize how backwater the practice of ‘execution’ is in the first place.

          • FredC1968

            They are in the same class of behavior.

  • DanaM7

    I can certainly understand why he would do this, even though vigilante justice is wrong. So many women being raped in India and the government looks the other way. I pray for peace and blessings for him and his daughter and family.

    • Robert Brownlee

      Why is vigilante justice wrong? When government and/or law enforcement doesn’t do their jobs it’s up to the citizens to take control. Look in the constitution it’s there and legal. It’s called public militias.

      • Titus Pullo

        And under such a system, what happens when a false claim is made? Have fun with that, but no logical person would support it.

      • Amanda

        This happened in India. They have very different views and laws.

    • Rework Oh Ryan

      There is nothing wrong with vigilante justice.

      • Pope F’n Jay

        Definitely not wrong. The legal system would have put him in prison for a few years, and he would have been released…. And probably be back to his scumbag self. The girls father did what I think any father in his right mind would do.

  • Guest

    maybe this would be appropriate

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  • Rework Oh Ryan

    I see no problem with this.

  • Jason Aaron Moran

    Lets remember the story from a few months ago where a father found a boy in his daughters room. She was so afraid of her dad she said she didn’t know the other kid and he was raping her so the dad shot the kid to death. 14 year olds don’t always tell the truth

    • Lucas Soares

      Good point, but remember, now she will always remember that HER ACT actually killed a person.

      • Jason Aaron Moran

        True but if you are a bully parent a big chunk of the blame goes on you since you created a situation that made it happen.

  • ststis

    How do we know his daughter wasn’t impregnated by a boy friend and she blamed the medical supplier?

    • The

      This is the part of rape-vigilante-justice nobody wants to talk about. Per a FBI report (you can google it) the number of cases dismissed for false allegation are significantly higher for rape than any other crime. Its still uncommon (about 8% of all reports) but common enough that statistically, about 1 in 10 vigilante murders will be killing an innocent guy being falsely accused.

      • Michael Sholtis

        I have not checked your facts but sounds just about like any other legal system ratios of innocent found guilty. It is a shame but sometimes other people only reason for existence is to be a warning to others (on both sides of that coin).

  • ststis

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for capital punishment for rapists and pedophiles. I’m just wondering how this guy knew for sure, without a shadow of doubt, the man he murdered was, indeed, guilty of raping his daughter.

  • John

    That’s some Titus Andronicus shit right there

  • Mark Tompkins

    Did anybody else see the recent developments in the case of a man in New York who was convicted of raping his teen aged daughter, then after he spent 11 years in prison, she admitted that she had lied? Teens are often incapable of taking responsibility for what they have done. It’s quite possible that she got pregnant and lied about how it happened. The guy was executed without any trial, or due process. Yes, rapists should be severely punished, but to execute someone because a 14 year old claimed he raped her without any other evidence is a serious miscarriage of justice.

  • Thomas Lavoie

    I hope he killed the right guy.

  • Nick

    Every daughter needs such a father.

  • Tomtom28


  • Valladarex

    This is wrong. There is a reason why we have a court system. That is to protect our civil liberties. No matter how nasty and horrific the crimes a person is alleged to have committed, everyone is given a right to trial by jury, and are innocent until proven guilty.

    The moment we give up on these principles is the moment where we unknowingly allow innocent people to be tortured and killed in the name of vigilante justice. That is not a society that libertarians should want to live in.

    • Bethie VanDo

      Our system is broken. Murderers are getting 3 years in prison and released. It’s a joke, find out for sure that whoever it is is guilty and have at it. We have turned into a bleeding heart socity where no one wants to get their hands dirty. Torture the rapists and kill them, torture the murderers and kill them and rapes and murders will go down because people are afraid of getting punished. I say enough of this bullshit and fucking shoot the damn protestors in Ferguson already.. we have let it go on long enough, time to restore order.

      • Valladarex

        There are a lot of problems with the court system today, but that doesn’t mean we throw out the entire system and let people kill and torture whoever they say did something wrong. That would be the most barbaric, anti-liberty system imaginable.

        What does the protesters in Ferguson have do with this at all? Are you bringing that up just to show you really like violence and killing people? The 1st amendment of the constitution gives people the freedom of speech and the right of the people to peaceably assemble. That means the government doesn’t have the ability to mass murder protesters like in China.

        If you don’t like the civil liberties provided to us by our constitution, then go move to North Korea you disgusting person.

  • Bruce

    Too bad the guy died. It would be better if he had lived and been sent home to “enjoy” the rest of his life

  • PavePusher

    So, more of an ALLEGED rapist. No proof other than the daughters’ claim…..

  • WPfinc

    Wow, for a 3-paragraph story that sure has a lot of inconsistencies. Oh, nevermind, it’s not meant to be factual, it’s just meant to get clicks, shares, and comments. Carry on…