Feel Bad About Your Abortion? Sue the Doc!


Written by Aaron Mathis
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Des Moines, Iowa may become the first in the nation to test a new anti-abortion tactic. A law being considered in the Hawkeye State would allow women who have had an abortion procedure to sue the abortion provider in the future if they experience any emotional distress.

I am rabidly anti-abortion and pro-life as I’ve previously stated in my op-eds, but even with my conservative Christian upbringing, I see this potential legislation as absolutely ludicrous.

The intent, in my opinion, is to force abortion providers out of business (yes, it’s killing babies for profit) by making them nervous of being sued. There is no denying that this may work on some doctors. The issue is that it ignores the fact that the woman herself has gone to the doctor and requested the “procedure.”

With this entire issue of abortion, the freewill and actions of a person cannot be ignored. The GOP is using the same argument that pro-choice proponents have been arguing for years: I am not accountable for my actions.

Immediately the bumper sticker slogan “My Body, My Choice!” comes out, completely ignoring the fact that the choices of two people ended up creating that new and innocent life. After the “Oh Shoot” moment, two people also made a choice; the pregnant woman decided to “terminate” the pregnancy and the Doctor decided to do so at the bequest of the “patient.” Never mind the father who by legal precedent has no choice nor does he even have a right to know.

Of course ignore the fact that if the mother DID choose to keep the baby, the father would be on the hook for child support. And in some cases, a man who isn’t even the father gets the bill.

And do you really think this law won’t be abused? Who determines emotional distress? Who wants to gain a few grand for “emotional distress?” This is a set up for women to abuse the legal system.

But hypocrisy and lunacy aside, the GOP is over reaching in Iowa. If they want to be consistent they need to add a punishment for the women requesting the optional procedure. But I don’t think that is the answer.

I believe the words of Dr. Suess when he says “A person’s a person no matter how small,” and that intentionally stifling that life is murder which would be a violation of the nap. But suing doctors for hurt feelings and emotional distress is ridiculous. The Iowa legislature is grasping at straws.

If Iowa wants to end abortion, they need to build a culture of life. Cheaper adoptions, a cheaper free market healthcare for mom and the baby, and allowing more families to foster children would start to bridge the gap.  This would set a precedent for the rest of the country to follow Iowa’s lead.

If ending abortion is the goal, it won’t be immediate, and it certainly won’t be through frivolous legislation.