YouTuber Taken Out of Context: Kill All Males – Even Babies

Written by Jennifer Giorgi
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YouTuber Jenny McDermott is learning a hard lesson. Notorious for doxing folks and scamming people out of money via fraudulent GoFundMe campaigns, McDermott got a taste of her own medicine when a completely out of context sound bite which was taken from one of her videos and went viral. See the shortened clip below:

Woah, terrible right? Kill every swingin’ dick? She cant be serious. She seems to have a style commonly associated with crazy feminists so that combined with her not so obvious mocking tone it isn’t hard to assume that this is the full clip. McDermott is a total troll. She trolls a lot of people. Her actions have had ramifications on people in their real lives. When you put that much negativity out into the world, it is bound to come back around. It is yet to be seen if she has learned her lesson. Only time will tell. If you’d like to see the full video, check it out below:

  • katmazdo

    I like how the comments on the original video are disabled.