From A Redesigned “Inclusive” Flag to Stopping Parades, How the LGBT Community Tears Itself Apart

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As a gay man, I was under the impression that the Pride Flag Covered everyone under the rainbow, but I guess Philadelphia activists who redesigned the Pride Flag to make it more “inclusive” for LGBT POC didn’t get that memo.

The black and brown stripes added to the Pride Flag at Philadelphia was aimed at “representing LGBT individuals of of color a group that can often be overlooked within the overall LGBT umbrella.” This “symbolic” gesture was supposed to “recognize racial discrimination within the LGBT community.” When the backlash grew against the redesigned Pride flag, the self-identified “black queer woman”, Amber Hikes, stated that it was just “gay white men” who critiqued this change and that it was only their presumption that the flag represented everyone, and that “white people do not know what racism looks like, because that’s the definition of racism.”

Switch “white” in Amber’s words with “black” and wait for the backlash CNN and other media outlets to go ham on. Guaranteed, they’ll write articles on how LGBT community is plagued with racial hatred for weeks.

Since when was the Pride Flag exclusive towards only white people? Where’s that little disclaimer on the Pride flag that the flag’s reserved for white people, forbidden for LGBT minorities? Where?

I’ll wait.

If the redesigned Pride flag includes all racial shades, where’s the white stripe? Why just black and brown stripes? If we really wanted to ask, where’s the stripe for Asian LGBT? Is it the “yellow” stripe, or am I missing something? And if we really wanted to be even more politically correct, now that America’s up in arms in tearing down Confederate monuments that symbolize “white supremacy”, rumor has it that if you mix all the colors of the rainbow, you get white! OH NO, the flag is racist, TEAR IT DOWN!

This is what identity politics has done to the LGBT community: Divide ourselves. Pit us against each other. This is what happens when everyone plays the Oppression Olympics too long and tries to out-victim their rivals to see who’s more Oppressed-than-Thou. The community screams for acceptance. begs for recognition, encourages us to band together to fight homophobia, but in turn, these SJW-type activists turn against our own brothers and sisters who might be too white. Or they might be cisgendered gay males! Or they might be Republicans and turn them away from Pride parades, or worse, they might be gun-toting Libertarians, bar them too! The scandal! How dare LGBT people think for themselves rather than regurgitate recycled Democratic talking points.

This mentality tears us apart. And when they don’t get their way, they stop pride parades like they did in Toronto Pride in 2016 and Capital Pride in D.C. in 2017. In Toronto, BLM activists held the Honoured Group title for the Toronto parade but failed to give Pride Toronto advance notice of their planned sit-in, demanding their voice be heard over Toronto Pride’s “anti-blackness”. In D.C., activists from the “No Justice No Pride” group stopped the Capital Pride Parade, shouting ““Hey-hey, ho-ho! These racist cops have got to go,” stating their displeasure of the “presence of police, banks, and military contractors” at the parade, thus following with a list of demands for Capital Pride to obey.

I agree with Orville Lloyd Douglas (who himself is black and gay) who wrote his displeasure over BLM Toronto’s divisive actions, saying other black people that disagree with BLM Toronto’s actions worry about being called “Uncle Toms” or “House Negroes” for speaking against them, thus he refuses to let them speak for him . In turn, here I am, an individual that happens to be both Hispanic and gay, who says that these divisive gay “activists” do not represent me, and I fully stand against their intolerance and censorship of our brothers and sisters in the community. Those such as myself are more concerned about the growing national debt reaching 20 trillion, NSA spying, arms deals with the Saudis, airstrikes killing civilians and the serious effects brought on by the War on Terror and nation-building, bigger issues fight and recruit allies on rather than fanning the flames of division over non issues which turns allies away.

These activists call for allies to join their cause, but how can they gain allies if they want their voices heard but silence other voices and demand recognition.

They want unity but divide us by race, by class, by political affiliation! They disrupt events to get their way, and create “solutions” to problems like changing the colors of an already inclusive flag to “make it more inclusive” which backfired. This just creates resentment against them, yet they wonder why nobody likes them, meanwhile their actions make the individuals in the community look bad.

Our predecessors in the LGBT community fought many battles to get us to where we are now. To undo everything they achieved and divide us, you do a disservice to their memory and are a stain upon their legacy.

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  • Alexis Faith

    I was under the impression the flag represented everybody. While I can understand their point and how they would be feeling marginalized in an already marginalized group, this makes it appear that the demand for inclusion is more hijacking the original meaning to focus on an even more specific population. It’s changed the focus from LBGT to race, and in doing so seems to have lost some of the original meaning that the flag of many colors was supposed to have in the first place.