Gary Johnson Freaks Out on Interviewer [VIDEO]

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Written by Liberty Laura

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson freaked out when a journalist from The Guardian questioned him on his nationally low polling numbers.

“Why are you even interviewing me — I don’t get it — if I’m doing so poorly? Is this to preside over a funeral here? It’s not a funeral; it’s a celebration,” Johnson asked interviewer Paul Lewis.

“Both of the mainstream candidates are more unpopular than any other mainstream candidates in modern history,” Lewis said of Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. “So I guess the question is, why are you doing so badly?”

“I would argue just the opposite,” Johnson responded. “This is phenomenal. We have $12 million; we’re at 10 percent-plus in the polls. We’re leading among independents, among young people, among active military personnel. This is a celebration.”

Watch the heated exchange below in two, separate videos:


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  • Josh Rayborn

    Gary Johnson is a weirdo