Gary Johnson with Military Times: Critiques Regime Change, “Chest-Beating” Politicians

By: Liberty Laura

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson met with Military Times last Thursday for an interview on his “not isolationist, but non-interventionist” foreign policy, and to explain how he’d be as a Commander-in-Chief.

Johnson had one solid answer in particular… check it out:

Military Times: We’ve seen higher support for you among members of the military and veterans than among the rest of the general population. Why do you think that is?

Johnson: I hope that it’s based on what I’m saying about judicious use of the military, that if we’re attacked we’re going to attack back. But the fact that we get involved in regime changes, which in my lifetime I can’t think of one example of regime change making things better. And of course that’s (affecting) our military, our men and women on the front line.

I get incensed over politicians that beat their chest over going out to fight terrorism at the cost of our service men and women … those that lose their lives, or get hurt or are maimed for their lives.

For the full interview, check it out here.