Gary Johnson is Open to Government Subsidized Income

By: Jeff Caldwell

In an article shared on Facebook by Our America InitiativeGary Johnson is described as being “open” to the idea of Universal Basic Income paid for with a carbon tax.

Our America Initiative states in the headline text of the post,

“A Basic Income – though worrisome if a mere addition to the government mass now drowning the economy in debt – could be a good replacement of the current welfare bureaucracy. Same thing with the carbon tax – if sold as a replacement of environmental bureaucracy. OAI founder Governor Johnson is open to these and other fundamental reforms, which activists should debate now before they arise as votes in the near future.”

The verbiage from the headline text comes across as Gary Johnson supports the replacement of current government bureaucracy with a different governmental design. Basic Income Earth Network reports, “Like many libertarians, Johnson said he liked the idea of the Universal Basic Income (UBI) because of its potential to save money in bureaucratic costs, freeing up more money to give people directly.”

Because of how each source words their releases, I am left asking myself four questions:

  1. Does Gary Johnson support replacing the current welfare system with Universal Basic Income?
  2. Does Gary Johnson support implementing a carbon tax as a replacement of the current environmental agencies?
  3. Does Gary Johnson support using the money raised from the carbon tax to supplement Universal Basic Income?
  4. If “Governor Johnson is open to these and other fundamental reforms” what other governmental reforms does Johnson have on his mind?

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Perhaps I should be comforted by Johnson’s appearance on Bill Maher when he supported the free market in dealing with climate change.

However, the Universal Basic Income news comes out 18 days after Maher told Johnson the free market did not have anything to do with the collapse of coal.

I hope Gary Johnson does not support these stances. Incentivize citizens, allow for charities and non-profit organizations to take the reins from our governmental safety net that is at the helm of political control. We need to take the power away from the politicians and place it in the hands of the people.

Our America Initiative states we should have this discussion, so let the debate begin!


  • ThinkAboutWhy

    Open to hearing ideas and policy is exactly what’s needed. Do I misunderstand the phrase open vs support.
    Facts should carry the day not dogmatic political claptrap.

  • Dave Green

    It’s important to think about it this way – do you want more Liberty, or less?

    These ideas move Liberty forward. They’re not 100% ideologically pure Libertarianism – but they’re sure as shit better than what we have now.

    Welcome to the mainstream.