Gary Johnson Teaches Worried Mom About Marijuana At Libertarian Town Hall

By: Liberty Laura

During last night’s second libertarian Town Hall hosted by CNN, presidential candidate Gary Johnson addressed a mother who was concerned about the effects of “high potency THC.”

Who knows whether or not he’s speaking from experience of use, but Gary Johnson very thoroughly explains to the mother about her inaccurate assumptions of the effects of marijuana and how through decriminalization and legalization, research on the drug could be improved.

  • Nathan Lauger

    she is the human embodiment of the soccer mom who buys her kids chicken nuggets but thinks pot will harm their brain development

    • Kyle Rider

      This and what does she think 300 or even 30 seizures a day is doing to the brain development of a child?

  • Jeromi Birtikidis

    It’s very frustrating listening to Johnson speak. The ideas are there, he just can’t articulate them well enough.

    • PhxRocker

      I like Gary Johnson, but I’ve heard a lot people say that Weld should be the presidential candidate instead, since he is much more articulate than Johnson. I can’t say that I totally disagree.

      • Jeromi Birtikidis

        The problem with Weld is that he isn’t really libertarian. He’s articulate but the ideas aren’t there. He and Johnson are a move in the right direction, but Rand Paul is more libertarian then they are.

  • PhxRocker

    If you listen closely at the very end of this clip after Johnson correctly says there has never been a death caused by marijuana overdose, the woman says that there HAVE been deaths caused by marijuana in Colorado.
    All of their arguments have been proven false, so the prohibitionists will now just outright LIE to try to further their misguided cause! I just wish Johnson would’ve call her on that lie and asked her to show proof of that. These despicable, lying prohibitionists need to be challenged on their LIES at all times!

    • Jeromi Birtikidis

      Yea don’t even get me started on that. It seems like fear tactics are all they have.


    95% thc content, bawhahahahaha