Gary Johnson Vows to Replace White House Vegetable Garden with Marijuana Growery

By: Kevin Enilc

In an interview for popular marijuana magazine “High Times” earlier this month, Libertarian Presidential Candidate Governor Gary Johnson (R-NM) swore to “…utilize the White House vegetable garden for a marijuana growery,” if he clinches the Pennsylvania Avenue residence this November “…during that whole election thing.”

The vegetable garden in question is 1,100 square feet of hot peppers, spinach, collards, black kale, berries, lettuce, and 55 other vegetables on the White House south lawn. It was planted in 2009 by First Lady Michelle Obama, to much media fanfare, as a promotion for her healthy eating habits initiative.

“Hey, I am all about being healthy,” claims Johnson, “I climbed the 7 highest peaks you know, I run marathons. But this whole vegetable garden thing, I just…I am from New Mexico, gardening goes right over my head.”

The claim is not a surprising stance from the two-term New Mexico Governor; whose last title, before resigning last January to run for President, was CEO of medical marijuana company Cannabis Sativa. The Governor has been proudly pro-marijuana legalization since 1999, and currently he remains the highest elected official in the US to call for the plants legalization.

Johnson explains his position further in the 4-page “High Times” expose, “Look, at the end of the day, Michelle’s 1,100 square foot garden could be better utilized as a marijuana growery. I have nothing against vegetables, but as CEO of Cannabis Sativa we were getting almost 17 ounces per plant. I say, hey, let’s use this space efficiently.”

The Governor recently vowed not to smoke marijuana during his presidential bid due to concerns that he was “toking up” on the trail. He has made no comment regarding use of the substance in the event that he wins the Presidency, however. The White House did not respond to a request for comment.


  • alex craig

    that weed is going to be historical.

  • NormaS

    Talk like that might just get him elected?