Gary Johnson “Would Love To Have Commodity Based Currency” [VIDEO]

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By: Josiah McElroy

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson was asked about Ron Paul’s support of the Gold Standard at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas on July 15th. He said he supported any legislation that would allow for currency based on commodity.

Later, he was also asked about taxes and how to combat terrorism. Refreshingly, he declared that he supported lowering all taxes and abolishing the IRS. He also suggested we let European countries dictate themselves how to deal with terrorism.

Gary did not brag about “making America safe again,” or how he would enact policies completely on his own. With each point he mentioned how the legislature would be involved by sending him the bills.

Josiah McElroy

Josiah is a cashier who is studying history and economics. His goal is to become a lawyer and continue to spread liberty through writing.
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  • Tracy #SMOD2016

    I am glad he wants to abolish the IRS – how hard would he fight for it though. I am just starting to pay attention and don’t know much about him yet…