“Go F**k Yourself You Communist Turd” Senator Says To Anti-Free Speech Democrat

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It appears the Australia’s first libertarian senator has some harsh words for “anti discrimination leftists” who wish to crack down on free speech.

An anti free speech social Democrat named Gary Burns in Australia got a firm rebuke when he wrote to senator David Leyonjhelm about how Australia’s multiculturalism is the law. Leyonjhelm responded harshly, saying “Go fuck yourself you communist turd.” 

Australia has free speech codes, not a First Amendment like the United States. People can be prosecuted for offending others. It’s pretty disgusting and sad, but this exchange is a thing of beauty. Praise to Senator Leyonjhelm for his guts! 

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 11.00.37 AMThe senator replied:

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 10.58.35 AMAnd finally…

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 11.02.26 AM

David Leyonjhelm’s speech in Australian parliament is a thing of beauty. Please watch and share. 


Shares 23K
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  • excellent.

  • At Odds

    Everybody is getting all up in arms about Senator Leyonjhelm’s reply, but he was responding to a reply that was just as offensive. Not only was he responding to a rude letter, but the letter that was written by the opposing senator Burns was ironic and contradicting. It’s the old progressive ‘tolerate my intolerance’.

    • n4zhg

      And then people wonder why I believe most progressives would look good on a lamp post.

      • My fav… a short drop with a sudden stop… the royal navy knew a few things.

    • Tom W.

      Burns seems to be an activist, not an elected representative.

  • Papaduke

    God damn we need this man in the US Senate…

    • mobtek mobtekl

      We’re keeping him! 🙂

      • PavePusher

        You greedy barstards…!

      • Charles Hammond Jr

        You need him.

        • Ajeya Govind

          So does the rest of the world!

      • NRPax

        Oh come on! Can’t you send him here after his term is up? Look; what would you guys like in exchange? I’m willing to bargain.

        • Rob Burton

          Share your 2nd amendment rights with us and send a crate of M1 Gerands!

          • NRPax

            Sounds fair. I’ll be in touch with the specifics. -:-)

          • mobtek

            Rob beat me to it 😉

          • KaBar’s Edge

            M1s are hard to get your hands on. I would gladly send you a crate of AR15s though. Legal Disclaimer: I would only send a crate of AR15s to Australia if it were legal.

        • KaBar’s Edge

          @NRPax:disqus I agree! Let’s give them Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for this senator.

          • Ben Champ

            I’m with you on Hillary !! For the love of god please take her !!

          • Not a fair trade!

            That’s like exchanging a double turd sandwich for a kobe beef hamburger. ?

    • Why? What he is advocating, in a sense, is the abolishment of the First Amendment..

      I see it as one commie, calling out another commie, for out commying the other commie.

      They can both screw each other.

      • n4zhg

        Australia doesn’t have a first amendment. Reading Is Fundamental.

        • Yes, reading is fundamental, and you missed the obvious, read it again, and you’ll understand the reason for my response. Pay close attention to the U.S. part.

          “we need this man in the US Senate”

          Now do you get it?

      • Fullname J Warrington

        Er, what?

        You just saw the words ‘liberal’ and ‘democrat’ in the party name and made assumptions, didn’t you?

        I suppose you’ll be supporting the Australian Labor Party next, what with that evil socialist Liberal party running the place at the moment..

        • Say what? The only place I referenced liberal was to the poster that wanted his ilk in the US Senate.
          Care to elaborate?

          • Tom W.

            Leyonjhelm seems to be a fine statesman and would likely make a fine U.S. senator. “His ilk”? You must be the commie.

          • Why would you want a Senator in the US that carries such disdain for something as basic as Free Speech?

          • Tom W.

            Senator Leyonjhelm was supporting free speech in his response to the anti-free speech left-wing activist Garry Burns. I’m not the only one that has pointed this out to you in these comments. Regards, TW

          • OK, I reread it again, and this article is poorly written, and by poorly written, I mean an 8th grader would get an F for structure if they turned this in.

            My apologies, being dyslexic doesn’t help.

            But the way I read it, the author made this sound like Leyonjhelm was claiming their speech was offensive.

            I know I’m not alone in my confusion, because I’ve seen the same reaction on other sites.

            So My apologies to Leyonjhelm, he does appear to have his priorities straight, as well as calling a spade a spade, or lib a commie.

          • Tom W.

            That’s true, it is not the easiest article to sort out in the first place. Regards, TW

          • Thanks TW. As Ole pointed out, there are distinct differences between the US and Australia, that, and the fact I’m dyslexic doesn’t help.

          • Ole

            I believe the main reason why you Americans are somwehat confused about this article is the fact that the Liberal Democrats in Australia (of which Sen David Leyonjhelm is a member) is the right-of-center party there – whereas “liberal” in the US context of course means left. (The main left party in Australia is the Australien Labor Party). This senator appears to be the most “radical” in terms of favoring limited government in this legislative body, the Australian Senate – just as there are some in the US Republican Party like that.

          • Thanks Ole, and yes, I’m still at a bit of a loss in understanding your politics.
            I’ll have to start following t a bit closer to understand it.

            It would appear I’m not alone in my confusion, based on the thumbs up my initial post received.

          • Ole

            But mind you – listen to his speech – he is actually in favor of keeping government out of ALL aspects of life, where possible.

            Here are some where limited govt. should apply:
            Your purse
            your property
            overregulation of your business

            (since you call yourself conservative, you’ll love those, I guess)

            BUT he favors ALSO keeping govt. out of:
            your bedroom
            – he is pro gay rights – including gay marriage – and pro abortion

            (I am not so sure whether an American conservative would like that)

            All combined, he calls himself the most outspoken supporter of liberty in the Australian Senate.

          • Unfortunately I can’t watch it, I passed my allocated bandwith again. ) :
            But he sounds more like TEA, we prefer govt get out of the bedroom as well. This is not to say we are either for or against abortion, rather it’s not the govts place to use taxpayer dollars to fund it.
            The forum listed in my name is mine, I started it about 4 years back, and we are the quintessential TEA forum in the US…
            Real TEA is Conservative with a heavy dose of Libertarian.

          • Paul Revered

            The problem is that they don’t bother reading or listening…they just assume things based on headlines and their own bias.

      • Papaduke

        Ummmm no first amendment in Australia. And if you think “go fuck yourself” is any-free speech… well you can… you know. Leave it to a conservative to fuck up basic Constitutional principles.

        • I see comprehension eludes you a bit.
          Concentrate and read it again, then take a break, come back and give it another shot.
          It’s bound to click eventually.

          • Handy Handsom

            Upon finding ones self in a hole, it is best to stop digging.

      • Paul Revered

        Pull your head out of your ass.

        • Wow, I’m impressed. Judging from your pic and your post count, it’s apparent your age matches your intellect.
          Go tell your mom she wants you.

          • rangerider

            Just another of the useful or not idiot crowd:-) Can’t comprehend what he reads and then makes excuses for his idiocy 🙂

          • What is it like having all that empty in your head? You appear to be nothing but a liberal troll disguising himself as a conservative.

      • KatherineBranwen

        No. What’s he’s calling for IS ‘free speech’…
        Either you’re deaf or you’re purposely obtuse.

    • n4zhg

      We need about 80 like him in the US Senate. Unfortunately even Rand Paul doesn’t quality.

      • So you want a bunch of anti free speech idiots in the the Senate? Oh wait, you must be a lib.

        • chicagorefugee

          I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick there. Either that or you’re calling David Leyonjhelm an anti free speech activist – and that ain’t right.

      • PJ McFlur

        Bullchit. Rand Paul has done more for freedom in his 4 years in the Senate than anyone else serving.

        • KatherineBranwen

          Oh yeah, like straddling the fence and holding his finger up to see which way the wind is blowing–in addition to echoing some of his crazy old bat father’s ‘head in the sand’ strategies also known as the ‘Blame America First’ philosophy.

          • StrayfromthePath

            As opposed to retards like you, Katherine, who believe America has never done anything wrong. Ever.

          • gtwreck

            You need to read my reply to Katherine. Also the fact that you need to resort to ad hominem attackes says that you have no intellectual heft.

          • gtwreck

            We can have all the internal family squabbles we want but once we go to another country we should alway defend our country right or wrong. That was the rule untill some politicians and celebrities got too big for their britches. The rule needs to be brought back by the retiring of politicians and marginalizing of so called celebrities untill they learn the rule.

          • ClemXII

            Where as Ron Paul ever “blamed” America. He gives blame to the system and the war mongers who cause this country foreign blowback or economical blowback from private banksters and sold out politicians who operate behind closed doors with no over-sight.

            I guess you’re another loser who thinks government does no wrong and that they have the best interest of you at heart. How cute.

            Figure out what blow-back is and listen to experts who actually served in counter-terrorism units and study terrorism so you can educate yourself.

            I guess arming regimes who kill their people, removing democratically elected governments and propping up puppets wouldn’t cause you know…an organization to declare war on us. Nope. Half a million dead iraqi children from clinton sanctions…no problem.

            YOU IDIOT.

          • Richard Heathen

            “Blame ‘Murica first derp!” You are such an idiot. Pointing out the mistakes of American foreign policy is hardly having one’s head in the sand you simplistic twat! I imagine you haven’t seen a foreign conflict you didn’t want the US military to jump into. Fuck yourself and die.

          • KatherineBranwen

            Wow… you’re really slow! It took you nine months and your best argument is the cretinous word ‘twat’?
            Your imaginings are wrong, that is, assuming that someone with your proven deficiencies is capable of imagining anything that lies outside your own hate-filled little bubble.

            Sorry to disappoint such a testicularly challenged monkey as yourself, but I have no intention of dying or fucking myself. I’ll leave the latter up to infinitely more experienced creatures like you, and the former up to God.

          • Richard Heathen

            You’re just a derpy cunt I didn’t spend 2 seconds of thought coming up with a reply to. After all that, all you can do is question my masculinity, like I care what an idiotic harpy such as yourself thinks of my masculinity. Again, I will repeat my suggestion that you fuck yourself and die, you’d be doing an amazing service to the human race.

          • KatherineBranwen

            Wow, more demonstrations of your ‘intellect’.
            Your so-called masculinity is not questionable, it’s completely absent. It’s crystal clear that you’re not even a semblance of a man. Frankly, I doubt you even know what one is.
            And as far as doing the human race a service, isn’t it more logical for a creature of your excessive hate and ignorance to rid the world of himself? After all, of what possible use could you be? You’re a misogynistic coward and a laughable bully.
            As far as your suggestion goes, I’ll simply refer you to my prior answer.
            Now run along, and find someone who is a dumb as you are.

          • Richard Heathen

            Hahahahaa muh misogyny??? Hahahaha I love it when belligerent cunts like you play the victim. LMAO!!!! Because your previous posts have been a demonstration of your soft delicate nature HAHAHAHAAAA. I love the irony “I am gonna ridicule you for not being masculine enough, but I am going to act like a belligerent bull dyke though,” this is great “lady”. Guessing from your comments on masculinity, that you are pretty familiar with being a man. Don’t feel bad, being a tranny is actually pretty trendy these days. Are pre-op or post-op, you should tell your doctor to prescribe you more estrogen or something your aggressive nature is still manifesting pretty strong.

          • Robert Gough

            So when our foreign policy over the last few decades isn’t responsible for the migrant crisis, isn’t responsible for toppling a regime that had begun to unify a nation in the middle east?

            You interventionists believe it is our responsibility to go around the world and solve their problems. When in reality your beliefs and voting actions make us less safe daily as more and more drones cause children to have nightmares about America.

            So to your “crazy old bat father” comment, Stop supporting pre-emptive immoral attacks against countries we have no place being involved with militarily in the first place.

    • octagon999

      For President!

    • we need more like him WORLD WIDE!

    • Kenny Boatwright

      Fuck off, we need him far more. We can be fucking arrested/fined here if our words hurt someone’s feelings. Yeah the government can’t lock us away for political opinions so it’s not like it’s drastically bad but it’s still pretty shithouse mate

  • Charles Breece

    “This Senator should be ashamed for responding in such an immature and unprofessional way.”

    He’d probably tell people like you to fuck off as well. I know I would.

  • Dex

    Bravo, Senator!

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  • TokyoTengu

    Let’s kidnap him and bring him to the States!

  • Antibalaka

    Gary burns is an idiot. Those who aren’t mature enough to tolerate free speech should leave Australia for Iran, Afghanistan or some other free speech hating countries. A thing I notice about anti free speech goats like Gary is they are rude, belligerent and violent. Gary burns should be put under surveillance. He may be a convert and go blow up some place soon

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  • William 1

    Go man go! Those passive aggressives have hit the button and it is us! Now if they wish to persue PC-then have them shot!

  • FaintCryofFreedom

    How any of you can equate “liberal” with “communist” is beyond me. If you study communism, which apparently most of you haven’t, you’ll see it’s fascist, authoritarian, repressive -not at all like liberals. Gary Burns touts himself to be “anti-discrimination & public interest litigant”, whereas David Leyonjhelms touts himself to be “Liberal Democrats Senator for NSW (New South Wales)”.
    Both of them are behaving like 12-yr olds & have very poor command of the English language, as evidenced by their expletive-laced exchanges here. Just pathetic. They’re both boors.

    • Owain Shebbeare

      In my answer I am going to use the US meaning of “liberal” which is to say Democrat, hippie, hand-wringer, campus activist, free-speech hater, Political Correctness Czar. The Australian meaning is usually. though not in all contexts, distinctly different in political discussion, referring to an old English notion of “Liberal (or free) trade, and a set of values limiting the power of government, definitely not something OBummer believes in.”. Hence we have a Liberal Party, and they are conservative, and Sen Leyonhhelm’s party is based on similar lines. The common US meaning of liberal is generally what I listed above.

      As with all Western nations we have seen a march of Communist inspired liberalism through almost every institution, and it is the biggest threat to our way of life. Australia has no Freen Speech as such, just implied freedoms that are often shouted down by the collectivist Left, often through social media campaigns and even credible threats of violence. Too often these are disregarded but PC authorities for the sake of appeasing minority shouters.

      As for multiculturalism, it was a farce brought in by a crooked politician (Al Grassby) for two reasons: to remake the Australian Labor Party (ALP) into a new US style liberal image of sorts, and also to cover up his criminal associations with the Calabrian mafia operating in his state in the early 1970’s

      The ALP is like the US Democrats: the party of racism, tariffs, taxes, union corruption, restricted speech (for the good of everyone of course) and big government. Sadly almost all alternative Western governments to this model have fallen into the same mode.

    • rangerider

      The question really is: are you a moron or just stupid 🙂

    • rabidfox2

      In the US the communists have been taking over the ‘liberal’ brand since the days of Wilson. It’s just been noticeably faster since Jimmy Carter.

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  • affenhauer

    How the Hell did Garry Burns ever get into the Senate, anyway? I’ve seen better-expressed emails from 15-year-olds. His command of English grammar is questionable at best; he’s rather fluent in Profanity, though,,,


    • grayjohn

      Lol bytch.

  • windy2

    -Tips from the “Chicago Way” school on winning friends and influencing people-

    Saying please can often make a huge difference when trying to persuade someone and getting them to like you. Next time show a little respect and decorum and say, “As my dear friend and esteemed member of the Senate, please go f_ck yourself you communist turd”.

  • AlexCristo

    DAMMIT I LOVE THIS GUY! We need more of him. Greetings from Canada.

  • Vivienne

    Well Said Sen David leynenhjolym

  • bobbymike34

    Great speech!!
    Just curious is that Harry Morgan beside him? I thought he passed away?

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  • Tired Mom

    Why does he advocate for the right to defend one’s own life (beyond the ability to dial an emergency number) whilst earlier in his speech he advocates abortion. I guess if you are too small and frail to defend your own life, then tough sh*t for you?

  • Audie Bakerson

    Now get him to comment on the ACB

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  • Layla Godey

    Lol. I’d listened to the speech before (though it was well worth listening to again). He’s a gutsy guy…my kind of Australian.

    Regards from the States, Sir.

  • tanarur

    I want to emmigrate to Australia just to vote for this guy!

  • JR_Wakefield

    Gary Burns is the dangerous person there. That “law” is unconstitutional in the eyes of democracy. Without free speech, of any nature, there is no democracy. If there’s one type of speech you dont like, you open the door to full censorship and control of the public. I feel sorry for you Aussies. Here in Canada we are slowly rebuilding free speech.

    • Gabe Vino

      Democracy has nothing to do with freedom. Actually, tyranny by a majority is anti-freedom.

  • GeorgetheElder

    Another liberal in libertarian clothing. Abortion/infanticide and gay marriage are not libertarian positions.

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  • ursafan40

    I REALLY like this guy!
    Australia was a great country the short time I spent there. They had a spirit of individualism that reminded me of …. US. Like the Old West only with Modern cities. Quite free and open society. Friendliest people you ever want to meet.
    To have followed their Liberal decline over the past 3 decades has been disheartening.
    “Shooters Party” ..LOL No chance of mistaking their position on Gun Control.

  • Jum1801

    Huzzah for Senator Leyonjhelm! Speak to them in the language they understand and deserve.

  • Meremortal

    Congratulations on having such a leader, Aussies! Strengthen your free speech, the world cries for freedom, not chains.

  • Flight Er Doc

    Good on him!

  • sestamibi

    I would agree with Leyonhjelm, but I am terrified of what spawn might result if Burns carried out the senator’s suggestion.

  • Millie_Woods

    I thought I had copyright on that phrase. Oh well, it should be said more often.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    And as for Gary Burns,may a thousand flaming ‘roos piss in his billabong

    • davod

      Removed by author.

  • jack_gott

    as if we needed another reason to love Australians…

  • georgedixon1

    Liberalism not only sucks, it is getting old listening to emotional leftists who want a law to ease their social conscience and someone else to pay for it.

  • Prospector

    I like the cut of his jib and offer him lifetime membership in the Prospectors Club.

  • montana83

    You are welcome in the state of Montana any time.

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  • john mcginnis

    Well if Mr. Leyonjhelm gets tired of Aussie politics he has a career here in the US.

  • Diggsc

    We used to have politicians like that in the US. No more. And it’s a sad thing. Rep. Wilson shouted “You lie!” when Obama was clearly lying, and he was eviscerated in the press. Not one single fellow Republican supported him. In fact, every single conservative harassed by the IRS on Obama’s orders, every family member of the four killed in Benghazi, the families of any American killed by the ragheads Obama has set free from Gitmo, every American who has lost their healthcare plan or doctor because of Obamacare, every single one of them should be shouting to Obama “Go f*ck yourself, you communist turd!”

    • Sporty

      Indeed, conservative politicians in the US should answer any question from the media regarding something Obama says with this caveat; Well, considering the President is a liar, I am not sure how to respond to your request for me to respond to his comment/statement. Since he is a liar I can’t tell if his latest comment/statement is a lie or not. So, it would be best for me to allow you and your peers to ascertain if the President is lying again – or not – and then get back to me for a comment.

  • davod

    Not as eloquent as something I heard on the floor of the house many years ago. “If the honorable member had gone to school during the daytime instead of at night then he might be able to understand the legisilation.”

  • TN Tea Partier

    I wish american politicians would speak like this

  • Wayne Breivogel

    I call BS and “click-bait” on the quotes in the headline. I watched the ENTIRE video.., he NEVER utters the QUOTED headline text, in the video. Oh, and Discus SUCKS.

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  • Edward Teach

    Personally I’d rather lefties didn’t f*** themselves. They just might reproduce.

  • DrGonzo7719


  • DrGonzo7719

    This guy must be a unicorn in Australian politics. Even the right-wingers in Australia would be lefties here, so this guy is like a gigantic thumb sticking out, talking about getting government out of as many aspects of Australian life as possible.

  • Bill30097


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  • This is too freaking hilarious!!! Oh, man. I love this guy.

  • Stat Crux

    I like him alot. I thought Aussie’s were just a bunch of disarmed pussies. They’re still disarmed, but this it’s nice to find a diamond in the rough.

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  • D Kidd

    The future for liberals is going to be hiding and running for their lives….

  • Joschua Boehm

    Notice the communist turd thinks the guvment decides if the people have the right to freedom of speech…

    Only communists and idiots think rights come from guvmints.

  • Heimrik

    Australia is lost. They’re doomed. They’ve disarmed themselves, outlawed their rights to criticize and organize against their government, and are being hit from all directions with immigration. It’s just a matter of time until they become a 3rd world racial cesspool….

  • Nigel Appleby

    Australia does have constitutionally protected freedom of political speech.

  • Adrian Bell

    It’s called racist, when we tell the truth???. That is all they can come up with, to shut down the truth sayers! Islam has no place in australia, and the sooner the PM’s learn this the better we will be

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    If this crazy hate-monger insults Allah, the Prophet (pbuh), Islam or us righteous Muslims, he will wish he had stayed in the teeth business. At a seconds notice 5 million Muslims are ready to invade australia and take it over. It will be renamed ,”Australiastan” and it will be an Islamic Republic.


  • Darren Motise

    The headline is totally misleading. He didn’t say it. He wrote it. And he certainly didn’t say it in public like the photo suggests. Anything to get readers I suppose.

  • Republican Exodus

    Hero of Liberty right there!

  • Wesley Bruce

    The catch is that in the same week he has also attacked christian conservatives, including one I know personally and so does Cory Bernardi. Cory Bernardi is a christian conservative pro life, and David Leyonjhelm lead with abortion and euthanasia after I spoke to him face to face on the subject saying not to and suggesting an alternative. Without life there is no liberty. He will come third last on my vote today.

  • Infadel Macgee

    That goes for the rest of you PC libtards as well . A nice blanket statement for you idiotic communist wannabes .Go fkcu yourselves .

  • first senator, acts like a child

  • Kel Thuz

    He’s like Korwin-Mikke from Poland, MEP.
    But harsher. He’s like me…

  • Frank Delta

    David our man 🙂