Gordon Ramsay May Have to Eat His Words…and Some Pineapple Pizza

Pineapple Pizza is making the news rounds again.

World renowned Chef and television personality Gordon Ramsay may be more well known for his mouth than his philanthropy, but that doesn’t mean he has no charitable nature. Ramsay posted to instagram on July 5th 2017 that if his charity the Gordon and Tana Ramsay Foundation received 500 donations in the next 48 hours he would “eat this f**king god-awful PINEAPPLE pizza” during a Facebook livestream.

Chef Ramsay’s instagram post:

This foundation launched in 2014 uses its funds to support everything from Cancer research to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, a children’s hospital located in London. When it was launched Ramsay hoped to raise over 2,000,000 dollars in as many years to help fund charitable causes across the globe.

It’s clear to anyone who has ever seen any of Ramsay’s TV shows or appearances that he is not afraid to make his opinions about food known, often by spouting expletive strewn analogies to how bad the food is or spitting it out all together. This coupled with his spectacular cooking ability and his restaurateur and entrepreneurial successes have made him a household name.

Chef Ramsay made his feelings especially clear about this subject during a NSFW segment on the U.K.’s The Nightly Show found here

It would appear that despite his distaste, Chef Ramsay is more than willing to suffer through a pineapple pizza if it would help to fund his organization and bring help to those that need it. This type of voluntary service should be emulated and applauded by all proving that not all aid has to come from tax dollars.

No required or minimum amounts were specified in the post. So if you want to see Gordon Ramsay choke down a Hawaiian Special make a donation and watch what I’m sure will be a candid expletive inlaid bit of hilarity to add some enjoyment to your day.