Government Returns 55 Pounds of Weed, Guns, Truck and More After Verdict

By: Jeff Caldwell, II

I need this lawyer.

No. No I don’t. But I do just in case.

Michael Cindrich was able to obtain a “Not Guilty” verdict from a Los Angeles, California jury in a ten minute deliberation.

Cindrich’s client has a medical cannabis card and rights to be a collective operator. A collective operator has the rights to buy and sell cannabis to a small group of medical cannabis users.

Cindrich proved there was no evidence his client was selling cannabis illegally.

The police illegally raided his house, taking all of his money and valuables.

This is Cindrich’s third cannabis-related not guilty verdict in four months.

Damn son.

  • Heavenly BluE

    He needs to start defending himself from the illegal raids. The theives won’t think twice until their team of gangsters is dead in the street.