Governor Gary Johnson is Back! … Though, Not as a Candidate

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Governor Gary Johnson makes his Return to Politics, but thankfully, this time he isn’t running for anything.

Governor Johnson Continues the Fight for Fair Debates

On Monday July 10th, Former Governor of New Mexico, and former Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson showed his supporters he’s not done fighting for liberty. In a Facebook post to his official account Johnson showed he was not done taking on the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), which excluded both Johnson and his running mate Former Governor William Weld from participating in the 2016 Presidential debates.

Also notable in this post, Johnson once more reaffirmed that he will not be seeking the Presidency in 2020. While Governor Johnson did garner a higher percentage of the vote than any third party candidate in recent memory, his campaign was riddled with gaffs, and while his instance on not seeking office is perhaps disappointing to some, many of Johnson’s more right leaning critics must be receiving this news by blowing out a sigh of relief faster than you can say “What is Aleppo?”

The New Petition for #FairDebates

With the launch of this new petition, which at the time of this writing already had over 4,000 signatures, Governor Johnson hopes to use his new initiative, The Our America Initiative (OAI), to spear head the liberty movement into the mainstream. The Initiative hope to use this petition to challenge the CPD in federal court to remove the requirement that a candidate must be polling at 15% in order to be included in the presidential debates.

The OAI Intends to Promote the Message of Liberty on Many Fronts.

Issues the OAI is currently taking on include “Government Waste and Over-Regulation,” “Immigration and Trade,” “Health Care Freedom,” and “Internet and Technology Freedom.” The OAI hopes to utilize tax deductible contributions and “the largest grassroots army of liberty activists in the nation.” to bring these issues and ideals to the minds of the masses.

Despite having issues with some of Johnson’s campaign in 2016 as well as some of his policy stances, I would encourage all lovers of liberty to support this initiative, and sign the petition for #FairDebates. The more the message of liberty is spread, the more hearts and minds we will win over to our collective cause of personal liberty and economic freedom.

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    who cares, a uniparty hack attempting to appeal to liberty minded individuals who neither condone or accept but tolerate activity they dissagree with as long as it doesn’t infringe on anyone elses liberty. very few politicans, nay humans can actually articulate the proper liberal republicanism that is and was and forever will be the north american confederations…… mic drop