Guerrilla Protest Projects Message on Trump Tower; Trumps Law Enforcement

Written by Todd Jo

Artist Robin Bell has been setting up a light projection installation across from the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC from his mobile platform, a van.  The “guerrilla light protest” projects phrases right over the entrance of the hotel. Notable phrases include, “PAY TRUMP BRIBES HERE” and “EMOLUMENTS WELCOME.” Both phrases reference a current law suit being levied against Trump which alleges illegal foreign entanglements in violation of the Emolument Clause in the Constitution.

Robin Bell confirms the protest is legal, as long as he finds an appropriate place to park, “When we first started doing it, we were concerned and we reached out for legal advice,” Bell says. “But from the research we did, it was legal. The one thing we can’t do is block traffic. We can’t create an impediment on the sidewalk.” Recently, Robin happened upon a good parking spot and some great timing, check out the video below and sound off in the comments.