Hackers Destroyed Iran’s Nuke Computers, Forced Them To Blast AC/DC

Dirty deeds! Done dirt cheap! 

A security expert who spoke with an Iranian nuclear scientist revealed that not only did the devastating Stuxnet virus destroy much of the country’s centrifuge control computers back in 2009, but they also forced them to play AC/DC on full blast!

From VentureBeat:

“There was also some music playing randomly on several of the workstations during the middle of the night with the volume maxed out. I believe it was the American band AC-DC Thunderstruck. It was all very strange and happened very quickly. The attackers also managed to gain root access to the machine they entered from and removed all the logs.”

The Stuxnet virus, reportedly developed by American and Israeli scientists, hijacked thousands of computers which control Iran’s centrifuges. The hackers didn’t want to just show that they were able to destroy stuff, but they wanted to do it in the most badass way possible by blaring the metal band’s song “Thunderstruck.” In Iran, it is illegal to play any music other than Iranian folk, classical or pop music.

President Obama worried about the attack after it was issued, thinking it could be turned against the United States at some point in the future. “Should we shut this thing down,” he asked his security team after the virus escaped. But after reports of successful attacks against the Iranian facilities, the president ordered them to continue, destroying some 1,000,-5,000 centrifuges.

Can you imagine being one of those scientists working at the labs late at night? All of a sudden your computers start blowing up and screeching music that sounds like it comes from the bowels of hell?! Someone needs to make a movie about this STAT!

  • Patrick Jones

    Isn’t AC/DC Australian?

    • Senor Bacon

      They were formed in Australia but have members from the UK as well.

  • Senor Bacon

    As Hannibal Smith says, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

  • kevin mitchell

    Dirty Deeds! Done Jihad cheap!

  • Jerry Norton

    They should have used Napalm Death. The Iranians would have shit themselves in fear.

  • Darrin Woodard

    AC/DC does not sound like it comes from the bowels of hell. I’ve been there and the bowels of hell plays Miley Cirus and Justin Beiber.

    • Angel Annihilation

      Or as ian from anthrax said Ricky Martin

  • Jerry Harlan

    AC/DC are an Australian band. Not American

  • Ralph Furley

    They should have played Skinny Puppy instead. Too Dark Park!

  • Justin Martin

    Should leave Iran alone, the NSA and real bad guys are the only ones who really deserve it.