HEADSHOT! Robber Gets Shot In The Face By Store Owner On Security Cam (GRAPHIC)

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Surveillance video from a robbery in Brazil reveals a gruesome scene of instant justice when two robbers attempted to hold up a convenience store. The owner was prepared with his firearm to defend himself against the intruders, dropping one of them immediately by shooting him directly in the face.

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  • Tony Streetman

    That is exactly what should happen to every single person who attempts to rob anyone.

    • Gregory Farrington

      Could that have been Obummers son?

      • BrokenTengu99 .

        Wonder who Adam Landza’s son would have been ?

        • booboo

          Joe Bidens son.

        • Nonconformist13

          Hard to tell since he was a liberal democrat

      • letitbeletitbe

        Could it have been your daddy?

  • Germ

    I didn’t see anything graphic.

  • laid him OUT! now THAT’s some well deserved justice

  • Ralph Middleton

    “You have the right to remain”…oh well, never mind, I don’t think you will be talking anymore. Too bad it wasn’t a twofer.

  • William Freeman

    He’ll hang- they will certainly charge him with manslaughter- The kid had hardly made a move, but then there’s no sound so who knows?

    • David Fps PuertoRico Alayon

      not with that sort of video. guy was clearly armed with a hoodie on and with intent to rob the place. hood booger got what he deserved

    • JP2012

      Hardly made a move? You did see the big silver pistol in his right hand at the :15 mark didn’t you? What is a sufficient move to you…pulling the trigger and killing the storeowner?

      • David Henry

        Its apparent that Mr. Freeman is a Liberal….

        • ConradCA

          Or sarcastic.

    • southkakalak

      I’m not sure we watched the same video

    • mstetzer

      No. That was an example of poor discipline in terms of handling a weapon on the robber’s part. To me that indicates the idea that the robber saw the weapon as a means to intimidate, where as the store owner saw his own weapon as a means of defense — a critical distinction in the topic of firearms and gun control.

      • Is the storeowner suppose to know that in the moment? (I am asking, not criticizing.)

        • Rence

          Honestly, its an irrelevant distinction in the moment. Bad guys gun could have been empty for all anyone knew. But, when someone points a gun at you, whether they intend on shooting or not, they constitute an immediate and real threat to your health and safety. You dont stop to debate the “possible” vs the “likely”, you eliminate the threat. If for no other reason than, what if some little kid came into the store to buy a candy bar at that moment? Suddenly he’s another potential victim. No, in that moment, you act. You draw and fire and hope that you were faster than him. You can debate the morality of it later, because youre alive to do just that. But the important bit is that youre alive. So is anyone else that may have been in or come into the store in that moment. The other guy got away, but thats ok, he was not brandishing a weapon and as such did not present himself as an immediate threat to you or anyone else. Shooting the other guy, while it may have eliminated another criminal, would have been wrong. The clerk made the right call there, which under stress like that is impressive and admirable.

          So, no, in that moment the clerk isnt expected to know anything other than here is a threat, eliminate the threat.

          • My question was rhetorical, to illustrate the point that the storeowner WAS justified.
            (People that assume facts not in evidence will never fail to amaze me.)
            God help the person who’s jury you are on.

          • Rence

            “i do not think that word means what you think it means” By stating that you “are asking, not criticizing” kind of eliminates the “rhetorical” bit.

            What facts did i assume that were not evident in the video? Also, did you get the bit where i agree with you and that it was a justified shoot? The way you presented your question could have (falsely?) lead one to believe that you dont have a whole lot of training or experience with firearms, so, you asked a question and i endeavored to answer it. I wont bore anyone with the “how” i would know any of this, but the short version is that i do. But regardless of your training or experience, the key here is that we both agree that it was a justified shoot. But i’m really confused as to what facts you feel i assumed that are not readily available in the video.
            God only needs to help someone if i’m on the jury if they are in fact guilty.

          • You did it again!

            You original response was to some point I did NOT make in my original comment! (It is beyond me what thought was going through your mind.)

            Also, my original comment has NO bearing on how much experience I have or do not have shooting. You cannot discern experience from that comment; the info just is not there. You assume too much. You are making statements, apparently, based upon “gaps” that you are filling in.

            (For what it is worth, the store owner cannot know that presentation is just a means to intimidate (even if that makes a difference in that jurisdiction), thus the shoot is a clean one.)

            And yes, I know what rhetorical means (thanks for the insult). You apparently cannot tell when someone is trying to draw out a point. Again, assuming too much.

            You take the last say. .

    • JT Hickman

      “hardly made a move”… He pointed a gun, that justifies deadly force all day long.

    • David Henry

      YOU ON CRACK OR SOMETHING!!!! He was justified. The guy pulled a gun and pointed it at the clerk. The clerk in fear of his life shot back in self deference. Cased closed. LOL Manslaughter… You must be a liberal.

    • Iknow50now

      BS! The kid stuck a gun in his face and got shot. End of story!

    • I hope someone does that to you; no, I hope someone does that to someone you love.
      “…hardly made a move…”, WTF?

  • BlackGuy4260

    Shouldn’t been stealing. People work hard for what they have. I would’ve been sitting at the counter with my Gun.

  • Big Frank

    There is nothing like a ‘lead shower’ to cleanse the area of the criminal element.

  • Humanism is balance

    Thanks internet, I have officially seen a person’s head blown off via a suicide, via a person shooting a robber, I’ve seem videos of terrorists beheading someone, and I have seen lions eating someone. Can’t recall but I have probably seen far more than that… twisted really, I think I will share more videos on facebook of puppies now…

    • NTR2DR

      I saw a group of liberals singing “Cumbaya” over at Starbucks. Perhaps you would like to join them

      • Fred

        Hahahaha… nice one! 😀

    • Tazzz

      There’s this cool feature on your computer…. It’s called a power button. If you don’t want to see something you can turn it off,,,,, I know mind blowing.

    • And your point is?

    • Notice how the dead guy’s legs are slightly up off the ground, like he is tensing or something. I hope he lingered and suffered. Someone like that should know he is about to loose his existence.
      Look, that was beautiful, that’s all there is to it.

    • Jonathan Torres

      Please don’t get any of your pussy juice on me as you snivel back to your drum circle.

  • David Rossback

    Nice shot took out the brain stem instant death job well done buddy , now that is what gun control is all about .

  • The_Dadster

    One of Obama’s sons gets his just reward. Haha!!

    • letitbeletitbe

      too bad your mother didn’t abort you.

      • tofjr

        The best part of you went down your mamie’s leg.

      • DirtDiver

        The butt hurt is strong with letitbeletibe….

      • Skip Tindle

        Letitbeletitbe is Obummers cock warmer lol

  • Victor Cachat

    Knockout game 2.0.

    • ForTehNguyen

      Glockout game

  • kaligirl

    Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.

    • Shenandoah Flowers

      You win the internet today.

    • Iknow50now

      This is the best post so far, Bravo!

  • dnhook

    He just wanted some purple drank

  • RBTS

    Where;s the blood and the brains flying out of the back of his head ?Did he shoot him with a water pistol?

    • google

      not everything is like hollywood…

    • Fred Bernquist

      He was wearing a Hoodie so the brains and blood are most likely inside the hood, did you watch the video?

    • Iknow50now

      You watch too much TV!

  • Anon A. Moose

    I’ve been caught stealing, once, when I was 5, I enjoy stealing, it’s just as simple as that,

    well it’s just a simple fact, when I want something, man, I don’t wanna pay for it.!

    • ConradCA

      Your future is on that video.

      • Anon A. Moose

        Go to youtube: search for “been caught stealing jane’s addiction”

        and Relax….

    • tofjr

      Of course with a name like that and your attitude you be black as the ace of spades homie………………..

      • Anon A. Moose

        I’m whiter than an Irishman’s arse, and not a homie.!

        How old are you..?

        What I said are the lyrics to a song.

        Go to youtube: search for “been caught stealing jane’s addiction”

        Educate yourself,..and relax…

        • tofjr

          Sorry Anon…I am a tired old (68)Viet-Nam vet with little patience for the people in this country who support the moron in the WH…must be that Agent Orange kicking in…………………….

          • Anon A. Moose

            No worries man. When I saw that headshot video, that song was the first thing that popped into my head. Song was popular back in the late 80’s, always made me laugh. I figured you for a under 20’s punk kid who’d never heard the tune..

            Just in case somebody hasn’t told you today, from a non-vet, Thank You for your Service to this Country.!

            Keep up the fight, can’t last forever.! (I hope….)

  • Adam Cozzie

    This is how it should be when some punk kid tries to shoot up a school.

  • gager

    Why is the camera shaking? Looks hand held.

    • We were probably watching handheld video taken of a TV monitor, not the original

    • JT Hickman

      using a phone to record the security screen

  • David Henry

    I can probably tell the family is going to make a big deal about it. “OH LORD MY BOY NEVER DID NO WRONG, HE DIDN’T DESERVE TO DIE!”

    • jon watson

      haha hell yeah they always do !

  • His buddy was OUT of the store quick as that bullet.

  • Samuel Jacob Fitzpatrick

    Does he flip off the dead guy at the end? LOL

  • Mike

    I feel so sorry for the dead robber…..no I don’t.

  • Vain Freeman

    How this could be viewed as negative or controversial is beyond me! The first law of human nature is self preservation and every single human has that right! I am Liberal, gun owner, believer in gun control and I applaud this store keeper for sending the proper message to anyone that does not understand that there are consequences to your actions! If you stick a gun in someones face in a threatening manner then that person has the right to terminate your life in protection of his!

    • ConradCA

      Progressive fascists such as Tyrant Obama the Liar want to destroy our country, AKA fundamental change, so they can build their utopia on top of the ruins. A utopia where they rule a one party state and the state controls every aspect of society. Just like Nazi Germany, the USSR and Mao’s China. They tell themselves that everything will be great because their motives are good. Well the Nazis and Communists thought they were good too. It’s just that absolute power corrupts and we can see that in the rule of Tyrant Obama the Liar.

      You should abandon your support of the evil “liberal” progressive fascists.

    • kharaa

      Well said.. i’m a liberal as well, and a gun owner, but i’m against any form of gun control, but I agree with the rest of your post!

  • Dave Edmonds

    One less low life in the world is a good thing. That store owner was ready for them since he had been robbed before.

  • ConradCA

    Just a poor misunderstood black child murdered by an evil racist. He wasn’t going to hurt anyone, but trying to feed his starving children. If Tyrant Obama the Liar had a son he would look just like this dead guy.

  • Aaron M.

    Robbers: shoot ’em in the fucking face.

  • Iknow50now


  • canzerous

    Justified violence is just that – justified. Nothing more, nothing less. So every asshole on here wanting to throw a party for what was basically a “necessary evil” (which is basically 99.9% of you) are nothing more than disgusting asshole rednecks. The man did what he had to do; that doesn’t constitute goodness or righteousness. If you can take a human life and feel great about it, then you don’t deserve the life you were given, and I hope it’s mercifully cut short for the rest of our sakes. Fuck off and die.

    • Thirstiest

      point well taken, and I doubt the shooter felt good about it either.

    • kharaa

      exactly this.. great post

  • toma kay

    Shit happens…nothing like popping a new butthole in the head.

  • jon watson

    BEAUTIFUL .. talk about fast acting justice baby .

  • Sum Dood

    I really enjoyed seeing that.

  • That was beautiful.

  • Robert Fenton

    Man, that had to hurt!!!!!

    • kharaa

      guy didn’t feel a thing, he dropped like a sack of potatoes.

  • Greg Prewitt

    Well done. A good perp. Good and dead.

  • Bay Morgan

    Love instant Justice

  • tofjr

    Wow! I love uncomplicated justice! That’s one black that won’t be degrading the gene pool.

    • Rence

      What scares me is that you might not be just trolling people and might actually mean what you typed. Talk about gene pool degradation. If you have not had children yet, please don’t.

      • tofjr

        Too late foolio…I have already reproduced multiple times and my children are good , successful, tax-paying citizens unlike this dirtbag who got what he had coming. It would not matter if the POS was white or black. I assume you are black and easily offended……grow up and do something to improve the image of your race.

        • Rence

          Well, despite my fears of your reproducing being too late, i am glad that they are good people and successful in life. That actually reflects well on you and goes a long way to assuage the aforementioned fears.

          I hate to ruin the conclusions youve drawn based on your assumptions, but if i was any whiter i might be see through. Also, not really offended by much or often. The basis for my initial response was that rather than saying “thats one scumbag less” you specified that it was a “black that wont be degrading the gene pool”. I just think that with all of the other problems the world throws at us, racism is just energy drawn from the universe that is wasted.

          Given how badly white people present themselves at times, i will however take your last suggestion and work diligently to improve the image of my race.

          • tofjr

            Rence………….Thank you for your thoughtful and kind reply. I am a tired old Viet-Nam vet who gets cranky at times so please forgive my transgressions. I have seen a lot in my life especially the time I spent in the service. I did see men die.
            One of my sons is a pilot in the USMC serving on the USS Ronald Reagan. I worry about him all the time but at the same time I am very proud of him. In a way I am glad I am in my golden years because I would not want to be young in this country now. I do not know your age but the country I grew up in is not this country. I went to Catholic school and got up every day at 4 am to deliver newspaper on my bike. No one ever GAVE me anything. The entitlement mentality sickens me. The violations of our Constitution by the so-called president are an affront to what many good men and women have given their life for.
            Yes white people act badly and commit crimes but that pales when you compare the crimes committed by blacks and Hispanics. Their neighborhoods are areas of decay and urban blight and they refuse to lift and finger to help themselves only blaming ‘whitey” and using their welfare to buy more drugs and liquor. Am I wrong? Am I missing something?

          • Rence

            Sorry i hadnt replied sooner. Been helping care for my father after a major surgery and where my folks live is, well calling it ‘remote’ would be polite lol.

            I was too young for ‘nam, but i was in week 6 of combat engineer training when iraq invaded kuwait, and working as a medic in the civillian world i can totally understand in theory where youre coming from when you say you get cranky. watching others die, even once, will do that to a person. So, no forgiveness necessary.

            It would seem i have a bit in common with your son. My pops was Navy and i spent 12 in the army. So, like your son i followed my father in service to my country. but i had a paper route when i was young too, so i totally agree about the entitlement attitude in this country today.

            Would i say you were wrong or missing something? Not with any authority or certainty. But, and this is just me speaking for me and not holding anyone else to my mentality here, but i cant change what anyone of any color does or how they act. I can only take responsibility for what i do and how i act. So comparing whites to any other ethnicity, or myself to anyone else, i’m not sure its worth the effort.

            All i can do is look at the behavior of others and use it as either a positive example to be emulated or a bad example to be avoided.

            I’m also going to apologize for being a bit of a dick in my previous post as well. With a whole dictionary full of words to choose from, i could have chosen better.

          • tofjr

            Rence…..thank you for your words…as they say in the USMC H.U.R.A. !!! Heard, Understood, Recognized, Acknowledged…I hope your dad recovers fully…God Bless my friend…..

  • First Last

    This is a fake. Nice acting…but take a look at he security camera angle and movement! This is filmed by a guy standing on ladders with a cellphone camera. How many fixed security cameras wobble on ladders?

  • Fred