Twitter Battle: Tom Woods vs. Gary Johnson Account

Written by: Alex Furman

By official decree from this Liberty Viral blog monkey, Libertarian darling Tom Woods (@ThomasEWoods) is hereby the unabated winner of the whole entire internet on this twenty-fourth day of the eight month in the two-thousand and sixteenth year of our lord.

So prepare to set fire to the index card at your local ballot box this November because according to The Johnson’s own unofficial ‘@GaryJohnsonArmy’, the Presidential Nominee of the Libertarian Party is “Not  a Libertarian.”

And the ever-vigilant Tom Woods has refused to let that sleeping dog lie.

On a serious note, I was at the Convention in Orlando. I know first hand the tension that has been brewing between the Johnson wing and what some call the [actual] Libertarian wing of the Libertarian Party.

One of the go-to quips of Gary Johnson critics is that Gary isn’t actually a Libertarian. Even though I personally plan to vote for him in November, I do consider myself to be one of those critics.

So naturally I was delighted to see a uniquely Pro-Johnson account actually tweet what the rest of us have been opining for the last several months… that Johnson is not, in fact, a Libertarian.

I think we all owe Tom Woods, the unequivocal Paul Rudd of the Libertarian Party, a handshake and a retweet for the sickly humorous Twitter nectar he hath bestowed upon us Twitter peasants.

Give us this day or daily bread, Tom Woods, and let’s burn that index card together.

Alex Furman

Pilot, Humorist, and Lover of Liberty
Head Editor @Taxation Is Theft Guy
Registered Member of the Libertarian Party
  • First!

    Who cares if he’s a Libertarian, I’m not one either. His platform is the closest to one I want to support, and since I’d rather eat the Donald’s toupee than vote for him or Clinton, I’m going with the big Johnson!

  • Jinxer

    WHO CARES? HILLARY AND TRUMP ARE THE END OF OUR COUNTRY. But that’s ok as long as you don’t have to compromise one iota of one single ideal. Not every single Libertartian feels the same about every single thing. Not even two on this fucking planet actually deep down feel the exact same way about the exact same issues and if they did, by god, someone invented clones and kept it a secret. Ya know, it’s this kind of stuff right here that turns people who don’t really know much about Libertarianism against it and want nothing to do with it even when they hate everyone else. What do you think goes through their mind when they see that some of us and I don’t include myself because I know for a fact that it is foolish to think that anyone will ever see perfectly eye to eye on every single thing they have an opinion on, tearing at each others throats?? I hate that people like Tom Woods make us all look like looney toons when we’re not. Most of us know how to play well together and still not infringe upon each other. I think the best word to describe people like that is hypocritical but more importantly, during this years election…. downright stupid for not just shutting up, putting up a united front and taking our country away from HELL!