How Trump Will Pay for His Useless Wall


Written by Carson Seeger

In his first week in office, Donald Trump has been busy: issuing executive orders, freezing spending, spouting off conspiracy theories about millions of illegal voters – we’ve elected our drunk uncle as president and now he is putting his half-baked ideas into action. This week, The Donald moved on one of his more hilariously destructive campaign promises – building a border wall with Mexico. As someone on my newsfeed succinctly put it, “I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that we have a President who keeps his campaign promises.” 

How the President was going to pay for the proposed wall has always been a source of contention.  During the campaign, Trump boldly and repeatedly said Mexico would pay for any border wall. Well this week, Trump speculated a 20% import tax on Mexican goods outta do the trick!   While Press Secretary Sean Spicer admitted after both Democrats and Republicans hurled criticism at the idea, that the tax was only one way they could pay for the wall.  


The proposal comes after Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto cancelled a meeting with Trump (following executive orders to put the wall in motion on Wednesday).

The wall, which according to Mitch McConnell, will cost approximately $12-$15 billion to build and another $750 million annually to maintain, would be paid for by Mexico as Trump said during his campaign. But by levying an import tax on our third largest trade partner, we would see a price increase in everyday items such as fruit, cars, and electronics which are all produced by Mexico. Economists are calling the proposed tax “insane.”

Not only is the idea of a wall costly, but it’s terrible for the rural farmer Trump claims to want to protect.  Imagine you’re a cattle rancher who’s ranch backs up to the Rio Grande, or the Colorado River, and for years your cattle have used these rivers as a water source for their cattle. Now the government is going to build a giant wall, meaning you now have to build a watering hole on your property (if the EPA lets you).

Meanwhile cartels will continue to use tunnels, not open spaces – to smuggle drugs, weapons, terrorists, and sex slaves into America. Take this 874 yard tunnel authorities found in San Diego back in April, the 13th sophisticated tunnel they’ve found since 2006, in which seized 2,242 lbs of cocaine which was the largest drug bust associated with a tunnel. That doesn’t even include the weapons and other goods authorities suspect were funneled into the country.

If Donald Trump really wanted to protect our southern border he would end the drug war – taking away the cartels prime source of cash and greatly diminishing their power. I’m sure Americans, and Mexicans, would appreciate the reduction of violence.