Ice Cube Says That Obama Haters Are Like Whites Who Don’t Want To Play With The Black Kid At School

Rapper Ice Cube was interviewed by Time Magazine recently and asked his opinion on what he thought about President Obama. Claiming that he thinks that “he’s done the best job a man in his position could do under the circumstances,” Ice Cube said that “Obama reminds me of the black kid at a white school that don’t nobody want to play with…”

  • Jeremy newbold

    Don’t think it’s as much about that he’s the black kid, it’s about a dissagreement on the game to play. And thats a democrat/republican thing not a race thing. Although racism still exist to claim that the situation is based on it is a broad generalization.

    • reggiewjr1

      This is no longer about Republican vs. Democrat, and anyone that does still think that still doesn’t understand the problem. This is about Statism vs. Liberty now.

  • reggiewjr1

    Yeah, I don’t even know how much he believes what he said…sounds like talking points to me… He probably just doesn’t want to go the way Tupac did…

  • Jeff Stanch

    Maybe Obama lovers are the ones who beat up the nerdy white kids in school.

  • Hush Hillstreet

    you couldn’t axe for more

  • Chris Tenney

    He’s been smoking that green shit with snoop dogg again

  • Jordan Rose

    Clearly he’s not ‘into the political game’ my respect for him was just lost.

  • Tim Jitsu

    yeah… great idea… lets ask a man who has made millions of dollars glorifying gangs, murder and racial hate his political views…. better yet… lets take them seriously…. *end sarcasm*

  • FtLauderdaleDad

    hmmmmm…..better to be the black kid at the all white school or the white kid at an all black school?

  • dozr

    im not going to take my political advice from a “gangster rapper”, who sold out to make family movies, and cop dramas.

  • Nobody cares what Mr. Cube thinks.