Impeachable Offense! Trump Likes Steak the Worst Way Possible

An interesting discovery recently revealed how President Donald Trump likes to eat his steak: well done, and with ketchup. While the majority of people prefer their steak somewhere within the medium to medium rare range, a recent study shows that only 14 percent of trump supporters like their steak well done.

Trump supporters get something right: steak preparedness levels are serious business (see chart above). It is unclear what this means for Trump as the President of the United States and the owner of Trump Steaks.

Finally, something we can all agree on:


  • AtticusCash

    I like my steak well done too.

  • J. Starr

    What an IGNORANT “article”…. I cooked in a steakhouse for several yrs while in college, and while Medium was the most common request, Well-Done was also ordered regularly. It has NO bearing on anything other than how they like their steak cooked…

    • Allan Jenkins

      It has a bearing on your class.

      • Mojave Son

        That’s so true!

      • J. Starr

        Ridiculous! I have served steaks in all levels of Doneness, to people of every “class” through the years, and your claim has NO substantiation…
        I will grant that the better the cut, the more likely it is to be less done.
        As for myself, I prefer my Porterhouse rare

        • Allan Jenkins

          No, it is definitely a class thing.

          • J. Starr

            No, it is definitely a “selective perception” thing…

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    I didn’t make an issue of how Obama ate his watermelon and fried chicken, so why should I care about Trump’s steak preference?

    • Barton Powell

      Now THAT is just racist!

  • Barton Powell

    WTH. A-1 is the only way to go.