Irony: Cops Will Forcibly Draw Blood On The 4th Of July

Police officers in Eugene, Oregon have stated their intention to perform forcible blood draws on the Fourth of July weekend.

In a show of strength, police will make sure that drivers are being safe by taking drivers who refuse breathalyzers down to the station and jabbing a needle in their veins to make sure they weren’t enjoying freedom too much. Police are exercising their authority under a “no-refusal” program that allows them to gain a quick warrant to draw blood.

A team of liberty-loving government officials, two prosecutors, a dozen officers and a phlebotomist will stand with a judge in order to make sure that justice is served to individuals who may be driving with a BAC more than .08 grams per deciliter.

Nationwide refusal rates for breathalyzers run on average at around 22.4%, but the government in Eugene plans to make sure that no one is safe from the long arms of the law. On the day when America celebrates her Independence, the government will be ready to ensure that they can prosecute as many people as possible if they dare defy the dictates of law enforcement.


  • twinkie1cat

    The hospital tried to take the blood out of me last week and never could get a good vein. This sounds like grounds for a lawsuit.