Jill Stein Becomes First Candidate To Honor Harambe

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Written By: Grant M. Deltz

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Recently there has been some polling released that suggests internet sensation Harambe to be ahead of Green Party nominee Jill Stein in the race for the White House. Even with this, Stein is a good sport, and recognizes an opportunity when she sees one. Like Hillary Clinton with Pokémon Go, Dr. Stein hopes that recognizing the three-month anniversary of Harambe’s death will draw votes, particularly from millennials.

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Like Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, Stein has yet to reach the 15% mark in the polls to qualify for the presidential debates. Can Harambe deliver her a polling boost from beyond the grave? So far, the answer is no.

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  • justin quigley

    She just did it because he’s polling higher than she is.