Jill Stein Makes Pledge To Grant Edward Snowden Full Pardon and Cabinet Position

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By Grant Deltz

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein broke away from the political status-quo when she strongly advocated on behalf of Edward Snowden. She stands behind Snowden, the man who exposed the NSA, so much that she has not only decided to grant him a full pardon, but also a cabinet position. Dr. Stein said in a town hall earlier,

“[Snowden] has done an incredible service to our country at great cost to himself for having to live away from his family, his friends, his job, his network, to basically live as an extradite.”

She went on to offer her own generosity to Snowden,

“I would say not only bring Snowden back, but bring him into my administration as a member of the Cabinet, because we need people who are part of our national security administration who are really, very patriotic,” She went on: “If we’re really going to protect American security, we also have to protect our Constitutional rights, and that means our right to privacy.”

Edward Snowden is likely the most infamous whistleblower of our time, and is beloved and hated by many Americans. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have both suggested that he is a traitor and deserves prosecution, while third-party candidates like Jill Stein of the Green Party and Former Gov. Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party believe that Snowden is a hero. This is unlikely to be a major election topic, however, it is very interesting to see the views upon our national security by our leading candidates.

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  • Katharyn

    I vote to send her to live in Russia with him.

    • Grant M. Deltz

      Haha, that’s hilarious!

    • Lisa D. Browning

      Why? You are against being in the know in regards to what lines the government has crossed with the “Patriot ACT” or you just hating cause your a lefty.