Green Party Candidate Jill Stein SLAMS Gary Johnson on Twitter…

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By: Liberty Laura

So there’s that.

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  • D. Harris

    This is a SLAM? Exagerrate much?

  • B. Bending Rodriguez Sr.

    Can’t argue with her. But it’s not really a slam. More like clickbait. I guess it worked on me.

    • Brian

      Johnson has taken some shots at Trump, but he has went completely soft on Hillary.

      • themandownthehall

        He doesn’t want to die from an “accident”…

  • justin quigley

    You mean he refused to give into the mudslinging and talk about issues instead of running down his opponents? Sounds like Dr, Stein would rather give in to the lure of a smear campaign, I respect the maturity of Johnson not lowering himself to such things.

    • Rune Andresen

      Often used “racist” to describe Trump. Soft on Hillary because it’s where he “steal” most votes ( Polls). Targeting progressive/regressive with SJW policy. “No borders”/ Christians “forced” to serve gay’s..etc

  • Live Free

    This was unnecessary and crude after the governors refused to be baited into badmouthing Stein or the Green Party. We should be encouraging both 3rd party candidates fighting the duopoly. Whatever respect I had for her is dwindling.
    Johnson & Weld prefer to talk about the issues & solutions rather than the problems with other candidates; there is too much if that drama already.
    Vote for the adults…#JohnsonWeld2016