John McCain; a ‘Strong Case for Term Limits,’ Makes a Scene at Comey Hearing

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John McCain, 80 year old, six term Senator from Arizona, made a fool of himself again yesterday at the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing for ex-FBI Director, James Comey.

All over D.C. and across the country, bars set up watch parties for the questioning of Mr. Comey. Bets were made on the quantity of Trump’s inevitable tweets and the country waited with baited breath while liberal anticipation of an impeachable smoking gun never panned out.

During the interrogation-like hearing each senator got seven minuets to get all they could out of the “between opportunities” former director of the Bureau.  The highly politicized investigation of Russian hacking and collusion within the 2016 US election has been made out by some to climax today. But it seems like the Republican hawk saw today as his own hour to play politics. When it finally came to be McCain’s time, things took a rather awkward turn.

Immediately at the outset of Senator McCain’s time he began by re-centering the conversation around former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Senator McCain launched into a line of questioning that seemed to indicate he did not make any distinction between the FBI’s investigation into Secretary Hillary Clinton’s unsecured emails and the current investigation into the breadth and depth of Russian action within our most recent presidential election and whether or not there was any connection between Russia and Republican politicians. During these questions Comey seemed to try, to the best of his ability, to make the Senator understand that the investigation into Hillary’s unsecured servers had already concluded and that they were separate from the current investigation of General Flynn and Trump’s ties to Russia amidst certain election meddling. McCain, who was seemingly befuddled by the many names in play consistently referred to the wrong person and even once referred to someone as “President Comey”

 McCain: But you reached the conclusion there was no reason to bring charges against Secretary Clinton. So you reached a conclusion in the case of Mr. Comey, the President Comey, in the case of President Trump, you have an ongoing investigation. So you got one candidate who you’re done with and another candidate that you have a long way to go. Is that correct?

You can read the full exchange between Senator McCain and James Comey here.

The internet is in the midst of blowing up the Senator for his arduously prolonged gaff.

Senator McCain was quick to put out a statement saying in part, “I get the sense from Twitter that my line of questioning today went over people’s heads,” but it has done little to quell the negative reactions to his line of questioning.

Facebook users gave the senator and his statement hell, immediately after posting.

McCain is not a shy Senator. The former presidential candidate is often a proponent of an aggressive American global presence. McCain takes, and seems to give, accusation of Russian collusion very seriously. Earlier in the year, McCain sponsored a bill that would add Montenegro to the NATO alliance and directly accused Senator Rand Paul of working for the Kremlin for his opposition.

Paul did not mince words, simply saying the Arizona senator was a “strong case for term limits.”

Gavin Hanson

Gavin Hanson

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Gavin Hanson
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    “…and depth of Russian action within our most recent presidential election
    and weather or not there was any connection between Russia and
    Republican politicians”
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