John Oliver Puts The Militarization of Police On BLAST!

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Late night talk show host John Oliver produced a clever and intriguingly hilarious monologue about the militarization of police after the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

From Rare: 

After playing a clip of Ferguson Mayor James Knowles III saying that there wasn’t any racial tension in his city, Oliver stated the obvious: “No one should ever be allowed to say there is no history of racial tension here, because that sentence has never been true anywhere on Earth.”

He then examined the militarization of Ferguson police. “Unless you live in downtown Kabul, there is no practical need for anything like that in your town,” he said, referring to some local police departments applying to receive armored personnel carriers known as “bear cats.”


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  • Brad Kirby

    Okay, the people that are rioting, are fucking animals. Everything else John Oliver said is true and hits home. Well, maybe except for the curfew. When people are rioting, you have to take some action, yes innocent people are going to pay the price but innocent people won’t be in the streets after curfew and then get hurt when the police try to stop a looter from smashing in a window.