Gary Johnson Gives Fox News a Lesson in Non-Interventionism [VIDEO]

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Written by Alex Furman

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Breaking from tradition, libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s normally snoozish interview cadence picked up steam early Sunday morning during his interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News.

Wallace pressed firm the Presidential candidate throughout the interview on everything from polling averages to taxes, but the Emmy-winning journalist only seemed to really draw fire from Johnson after taking a skeptical tone with his dovish foreign policy.

(See at 7:30)

What was impressive was how former Governor Johnson was able to weave together tones of authority, grace, and a righteous indignation to form one balanced, defiant defense of “strength through peace” to a hawkish Wallace. He did it without sounding outright angry.

To an admittedly waning supporter of a typically awkward Johnson, it was refreshing to hear him be… well, Presidential for a change.

It was good to hear my candidate spell “Passion” the way I and so many of my fellow Libertarians often do when defending these principles we all hold  dearly.

Way to go, Gary. Keep it up, and you might make a fine Austin Petersen someday.

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