Julian Assange: Podesta’s Password Was So Bad “A 14 Year Old Kid Could Have Hacked It” [VIDEO]

For anyone who knows anything about Cyber Security or is technical in any terms, the following story may make you cringe or kick a lamp and break it. Maybe you’ll just chuckle.

The mainstream media has been pushing the narrative with regard to the “Russian Election Hack” that Russia launched a massive cyber attack that influenced our election and handed the presidency to Donald J. Trump. But after about 4.3 seconds of research, the truth of this story is hilariously sad. For those of you who don’t know, here’s a quick compact rundown. A few months before the election, John Podesta‘s office received a phishing email telling him he needed to change his password at a provided link. It’s the kind of scam that every early 20 something shakes their head at when their Grandma tries to explain how her computer got a virus. Podesta gave his password to the “hackers” and they took 60k+ emails that made the DNC look just awful. End Summary. So what’s the new information?

In an interview with Sean Hannity, Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, said that the password Podesta was using was “Password”. He went on to say that a 14 year old kid could have pulled off this hack.

While the mainstream media keeps blaming Russia it seems no one is asking the real question: why do we give so much power to people who make their password “Password”? These people probably shouldn’t be let anywhere near a computer, especially one which holds sensitive information.

Watch the full Fox News interview below!