Larry Sharpe: I want Austin Petersen to stay in the Libertarian Party!

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Written by Jennifer Giorgi
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Controversy broke out Friday evening as liberty champion, Austin Petersen, toyed with the idea of running for Senate as a Republican.

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Former Vice Presidential candidate, Larry Sharpe responded on Sunday via Facebook with an important message for the members of the Libertarian Party.

Not everyone reacted in such a tasteful manner. Many urged Petersen to stay and continue the good fight. Long time adversaries responded in a typical and predictable “told you so” fashion.

One thing is for certain. Petersen is certainly a competent warrior. It is yet to be known if the vehicle used to propel liberty forward will change. The principles which he fights for will likely not.

How is it people lose sight so quickly of what is really important? Or- are they revealing what is REALLY important to them through their outrage? Time will tell.

Not familiar with Larry Sharpe? Check out the video below to learn more!

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