Libertarian Party Activist Taking A Stand Against Immigration Ban


Written by Alyce Auman

This evening an activist, Rachel Maisonet, founder of the Facebook Page Lovely Libertarian Ladies, found out through an Onondaga County Libertarian Party (New York) outreach committee tip that there was a protest planned for 6:30pm at the Hancock Airport in Syracuse, New York.  This protest was being organized by several groups, including CNY Solidarity (Central New York Solidarity Coalition).

Rachel decided that she wanted to go.  As she arrived, she could hear a crowd of speakers chanting “No hate, No fear, Refugees are welcome here.” The vibe was beautiful and everyone was very nice.  There were children present and the atmosphere was peaceful, with no signs of aggression at all.  There was dancing, bells, and unity.  There were some speakers there, but it was so loud that she wasn’t able to hear them from where she was in the crowd. 

When asked why she wanted to go to the protest she said “Many people want to see Syracuse become a Sanctuary city, which I’m not a fan of but I’m also not a fan of innocent people being detained at airports or deported just because they are of a certain religion from a certain country.  If I had to pick which one to implement, I’d choose to protect these people.” Rachel also stated that she found out this was happening at the last minute, so she only had time to stop at the dollar tree  to get supplies to make a sign that said “Stand Against Tyranny.” In her words, “Donald Trump’s Executive Order against these people was just that….tyrannical.”  Rachel felt compelled to “speak out against the fear mongering.” Respect for individual rights is what the Libertarian Party is all about.