Libertarian Party Officially Opposes Sessions Nomination

By: Reid Finchem

Tuesday in a press release from the Libertarian Party’s official web blog, the party expressed its opposition and concern of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions‘ nomination to Attorney General by President-Elect Donald Trump. In the statement, Libertarian Party Chairman Nicholas Sarwark writes that “Sessions is terrible when it comes to civil liberties.” He continues, “Sessions is also a war hawk, and there’s a high risk that he would be Trump’s lap dog for justifying torture by the U.S. military…” The press release cites Sessions’ authoritarian policy on drug law, his support of expanded surveillance, and poor appeal to millennials and other young voters as further rationale to block his nomination.

Sessions’ official confirmation hearing will be on-going throughout the week. President-Elect Trump nominated Sessions to the post shortly after his general election win on November 8th.

  • lowandslow21

    Get elected to office and change the laws.

  • Swim

    It’s the job of the chief law enforcement officer, be it Sessions or not, to enforce the laws on the books. It’s Congress that makes the laws or repeals the laws. Sessions has a history of enforcing the laws on the books, popular or not, which is a qualification for the position. “Poor appeal to millennials and other young voters” and assigning possible leanings a candidate may have unrelated to the position of chief law enforcement officer amounts to changing the subject.