Libertarian Student Receives Threats After Exposing Biased Courses

Written By Jimmy Mahaney


University of Wisconsin Green Bay student Jessica Murphy received some interesting back-lash after she posted a column in the MacIver Institute (which Murphy interns for), which is a Wisconsin based think tank that promotes free markets, individual freedom, personal responsibility, and limited government. The aim of Murphy’s column was exposing classes that indoctrinate through Marxism, and/ or social justice warrior mentality.

The 20 year old’s column involves months of research through public record access of University of Wisconsin’s files. The piece was discovered by associate professor Sara La Chance Adams and ensuing controversy started to fly.

La Chance Adams posted the column on her social media with the phrase “Check it out comrades”. La Chance Adams who teaches philosophy had her course “Teaching for Social Justice” as No. 5 on the Murphy’s list. Part of the syllabus for the course mentions that students must “reflect on their privilege and marginalization. Students also review how meritocracy – and the American Dream – is a myth. Why work hard to achieve your dreams if you can blame sex/race/class/sexuality for your lack of success?”

Facebook friends of La Chance gave a number of responses to the article. Some joked and wondered why only No. 5? Others thought the other classes sounded interesting. Some thought La Chance was being targeted.

The most disturbing comments however claim that since Murphy is from South Africa then it was no wonder why she targeted La Chance and that she was “Keeping up old traditions”. That comment went as far as to post Murphy’s LinkedIn profile. One claimed “I could punch her in the face for you. I can be an academic and respect my upbringing from the barrio.”

Murphy claims she isn’t afraid of physical violence but she also supports their right to express their views as she is a supporter of freedom of speech.