Libertarians Love Gun Rights More Than The GOP

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By: Liberty Laura

The GOP asserts that it’s the party that fights the hardest for the Second Amendment.

“Trust me, no one loves guns more than me. I love guns. They’re beauutiful. I have so many guns.”

But in light of compounding recent events, we see that this just isn’t true in comparison to the Libertarian Party- the party that really loves small government.

Exhibit A: The Republican Party has chosen to nominate a man for their 2016 presidential candidate who used to support a full “assault weapon” ban.

Exhibit B: Said candidate also recently came out in favor of discrimination against citizens placed on federal watch-lists (by the government) to be banned from purchasing firearms without their inherent right to due process. Even the ACLU spoke out against this action.

Exhibit C: At the 2016 RNC Convention, “weapons, replicas of weapons, whole fruit, screwdrivers, and umbrellas” were all banned from entering the convention center in Cleveland. At the Libertarian Party convention, however, firearms were not banned, and many of those in attendance were carrying concealed. #Winning!


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