[LIVE UPDATES] Jeff Sessions Testifies Before Senate Intelligence Committee [LIVE STREAM]

1615: When asked his legal basis for refusing to answering questions, Jeff Sessions is protecting President Trump in case he wants to invoke executive privilege at some point in the future.

1600: The Attorney General again refuses to answer questions, saying it is improper to discuss the details of an investigation… while testifying in the very same investigation. Summary of entire hearing:

1555: An enraged Jeff Sessions continues to stonewall when asked about meddling in the investigation after recusing himself from it.

1550: Wyden: “The american people are sick and tired of stonewalling.”

Session: “I am not stonewalling.”

1548: Rubio: “You don’t remember anything suspicious?”

Sessions: “I will have to rack my brain, but I don’t recall as of right now.”

1545: Sessions still refusing to answer questions, citing precedent of the Justice Department being shady during investigations. All intelligence committee members have questioned his reasoning.

1535: The Attorney General of the United States of America literally cannot remember anything he has ever done in his life, except that he “certainly has never done anything improper.”

1525: Session refuses to answer direct questions, claiming “the Constitution” gives him privileges of secrecy within the Dept. of Justice. Avoiding answering questions regarding conversations without invoking 5th Amendment or Executive privilege.

1510: The Attorney General cannot remember details regarding his meetings with Russian officials, claims he cannot remember what Ambassador Kislyak looks like.

1440: Sessions arrives to testify.

1435: Last-minute posturing? The Attorney General and most of the Senate Intelligence Committee are late to one of the most anticipated hearings this year.

1345: Capitol is packed with press leading up to hearing. Press is cleared from hallways.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is expected to testify this afternoon before the Senate Intelligence Committee in regards to the Trump-Russia conspiracy. Last week, former FBI Director James Comey hinted at possible criminal charges for Sessions, who has recused himself from the matter. Watch live below.