Mad Dog, Sir, Please Don’t Send Me To World War III

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General Mattis, Sir,

It is with overwhelming respect that I urge you not to take the U.S. to war with North Korea preemptively.

When I was a very young boy, I had always wanted to be a marine, that being said, I’d still join the corps in a heartbeat to defend my country from a great threat. You, in fact, are a childhood hero of mine.

Sir, as you have said, we can most certainly win a war against North Korea– I’d expect an ass kicking that would make dessert storm look difficult- but if it involves China, it would be incredibly costly. A dust off in defense against a rouge Korean regime is not a war I would sign up for, but frankly, you probably won’t need my help. Americans should feel secure with men like you at the top of our military command, but a preemptive violent strike against North Korea will instigate a global, and possibly nuclear, war the likes of which the world truly has never seen.

A round two against China, and quite possibly a re-surging Russian bloc, would be an insane, and completely avoidable, waste of human life.

As you know, China has reaffirmed their defensive alliance with Kim Jong Un. Take your pick of historical examples; World War I to The Korean War, dictatorial governments have been surprisingly adherent to their promises of large scale conflict in response to assassination or territorial threat, especially China. Before China was even a global power, over half a century ago, their massive army proved an issue on the Korean peninsula.

The historical connection Chinese people feel to their Korean little brother overpowers the Communist governments’ alliance. In fact, the westernized incursion of South Korea already galvanizes the population to ideological extremism concerning the region. I will not critique the skill with witch you and the President are wagging America’s nuclear dick at North Korea‘s threats, you have demonstrated incredible brinksmanship and might actually back Kimmy into submission.

Strategically we and North Korea have each other in check. We attack, we face certain, global, conflict. Seoul, one of the most dense cities in the free would would be shelled. Massive Chinese armies would flood down the peninsula as they have before but with completely modern arms. Russia and their Middle Eastern allies could threaten NATO. All this under a constant nuclear threat. I would be proud to defend and even die for democracy in this event, but sir, please don’t make me.

Whether it’s “fake news” or our notoriously leaky White House, media has been reporting on scuttlebutt surrounding a preemptive strike to mitigate the North Korean missile threat. In any capacity, this is a mistake.

If we humble citizens are to believe the likes of The New York Times, there is constant and heated debate over waging a “preventative war” against Pyongyang. Making the first move will prevent no amount of bloodshed, it will only incite all-out war.

In the name of egalitarianism, freedom, and liberty I would put down my pen(or smartphone) for an M-16 with more eagerness than my father when he was asked, you wouldn’t have to draft me. This conflict that we could be careening into would be a more desperate cause than Vietnam or Korea: Part I and we would need every willing and able bodied American.

But please don’t bring us to that.

I am twenty-one, just barely still of draft age. I am a patriot and a millennial. 9/11 is one of my first memories. I go to a Big Ten university. I love writing about liberty and freedom, but I love them themselves more. It is with young people like me you will be fighting the next great war.

If little Un wants to fight us, let him try, let him make his threats, and if he acts, dust him and his meager forces aside. Make us ready, but please don’t make us the instigators of World War III.

Your Third Choice

P.S. General, if you follow me on twitter, I might follow you back. 😉

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