Man Hacks Into Baby Monitor, Starts Whispering To Nanny

A strange man hacked into the baby monitoring camera of a Houston area nanny and made sure she knew that she was being watched. Ashley Stanley was changing the baby’s diaper when suddenly she began hearing a man’s voice talking to her through the monitor. “I heard someone talking on the camera monitor and I was like, maybe my bosses were playing a trick on me or something,” said Stanley.

Someone had managed to hack in through the wifi system and connect to the baby monitor in the house. “What I’m afraid of is: Who’s been watching quietly while, you know, her mom is in here breast-feeding her,” Stanley said to KXAN. 

The nanny pulled the plug on the camera, and the family has reportedly taken greater steps to increase their security, but somewhere out there is the man who did it, free, and able to strike again.