Man Shot as Protesters Become Violent at Milo Yiannopoulos Event in Seattle


Written By: Squiggly Line Guy

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[Update: Local CBS affiliate Kiro 7 has reported that the suspect has turned himself in]

A man is in critical condition at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle after being shot in the abdomen by a protester outside of a Milo Yiannapoulos speaking event. Medics arrived at the scene at the University of Washington campus in north Seattle at 8:26pm and the victim was rushed in an ambulance.

The attacker is not in custody and no description has been released by police. The University of Washington however issued an alert on Twitter describing the suspect as a short but heavy set Asian male in his 50’s.

In recent weeks, protesters rioted and destroyed campus property ahead of a Yiannopoulos speaking engagement at UC Davis. Fearing for the safety of the student body, the campus gave in to the demands of rioters and cancelled the event.

Students who objected to Yiannapoulos speaking at the University of Washington created a petition on the website demanding the event not be allowed to take place. The Seattle Times reporting on the controversial public appearance reported that University of Washington President Ana Mari Cauce declined to cancel the event citing the importance of free speech on campus.

However, that wasn’t going to stop the leftists from trying their damnedest anyway.

The event started about an hour late due to the violence from protesters as they threw bricks, rocks, firecrackers and paint at police and attendants. The auditorium was half full for the event, but not everybody who had a ticket was able to gain entrance to the building due to the violence outside.

Alex St Hilaire who is surely about to earn the nickname Braveheart at school is pictured above after protesters threw blue paint on his face. He is a senior at Mariner High School who had come to attend the event.

Many of the rioters were wearing black clothing and bandanas or face masks. These individuals are widely reported on in Seattle as being Anarchists, but are actually part of an Anarcho Communist movement that exists both in Seattle and in Eugene, OR. As a key difference, Anarchists believe in private property rights while Anarcho Communists believe in the abolition of private property, therefore have no regard for it.

The attendants of the event were held in the auditorium for about an hour after the event ended as police cleared routes for their safety. They eventually escaped unseen from the protesters through an alternate exit as police pushed protesters back with their bicycles at the main entrance. It appears all of attendants who made it inside the event, made it out safely.