Man Told To Remove American Flag Because It’s Considered Threat To Muslim Community

According to Duy Tran, he was told that he had to remove an American flag from his balcony because it was a “threat to the Muslim community.” 

Tran said, “What really stunned me is that she said it’s a threat towards the Muslim community. I’m not a threat to anybody.”

  • whargoul

    How about they remove the muslim community because it’s a threat to America?

  • Travis Badjib

    and my legendary response “el f*** you buddy, this is ‘Merica, and if they don’t like the ‘Merican flag they can git out o’ this darn country son!”

  • The American

    They are obviously a threat to his freedoms and rights

  • Josh Toth

    I had the same problem with my HOA they fined me and I still haven’t paid and will never pay them.

    • Maryland_bound

      Try selling your house, you will pay or not sell the house with the lien they place on your home. I owed them $22 for my HOA dues for a late fee for my membership while I was deployed. I went to sell my house and couldn’t until the $22 lien was released by the courts.

    • dozr

      reason why i will never join a HOA, dont like the color of paint on my house, to fucking bad, dont like the decorations, to fucking bad.

  • VL123

    Ironically..this guy from his name sounds Southeast Asian…so I am sure he’s a a recent immigrant who’s proud of this country. I’d tell them to go F themselves.

  • Philip

    If this report is true, the one who made the decision to tell the man to remove the flag should be immediately removed from his station and sent to american tolerance classes where he can learn the difficulties and sacrifices made to obtain the right to waive that flag.

    Further, the Muslim community that finds it a threat could be given a choice, the american flag or the confederate flag, since this is the south after all… I’m sure the muslim community would prefer the american to the confederate…

    Finally, I’ll put up $100 to buy and ship american flags to that community for anyone in that community who would proudly display it.
    I challenge all my America loving friends to do the same.

  • Pete Plumley

    It’s not a threat, it’s Promise. The Promise of the personal freedom of speech that they are using to it’s detriment. The guy’s even Vietnamese, he was welcomed in, too but he became an American, thses people never will.

  • Eric Daniels

    Sadly the property owner can set the rules on his property. You can fight those rules and have them proven as an infringement on your rights, but the bigger problem here is the lack of historical importance that flag represents and this is America any business attempting to infringe on the historic importance of American history should be sued and stripped of there right to conduct business in America that would put an end to this non sense. The Flag doesn’t represent any religion, so if your a Muslim you should understand your in our country and therefore in our country we exercise the right to wave that american flag to represent our country. Muslims didn’t die for our freedoms Americans did and I’ll be damned if I’ll allow an American born or foreign born Muslim tread on our rights as Americans.

  • Jeromy Davis

    He won’t have to remove it. There is a Federal law on the books preventing any things like HOA’s, apartment complexes, landlords, ect from not allowing residents to display the American flag.