McAfee: Fornicate in the Streets of Washington as an Act of Civil Disobedience!

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In a recent tweet, John McAfee, pioneer in the computer security industry and former Libertarian Party presidential candidate announced his new project: Woodstock to Washington.

He explains the project on its website.


w2017w seeks to organize and motivate a civil disobedience group such as the world has never seen.

In late August of 2017, our goal is to make history and to change history, with a spectacle of real freedom for which there is no precedent. We will show Washington that our minds and our bodies belong to ourselves.

Participation is simple. Make your way to Washington D.C. and do publicly and in the streets whatever you wish, so long as no one is hurt. The results will be staggering. Our goal is for 500,000 people to participate, a number that would be impossible to shut down with arrests. 500,000 people going naked, smoking weed, playing bagpipes, operating unlicenced food carts, fornicating in the streets and whatever else suits their fancy cannot fail to make the necessary impression.

If every freedom-loving American does their part to make this happen, the world will never forget what we do.

While on official date has not been announced, Liberty Viral will be following the story. Please like our page for updates!

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  • dpaul

    This is not approved by the National Libertarian Party. What John McAfee does and says is all him and only him.