McAfee Makes BIG BET on Bitcoin: “If Not, I Will Eat My Dick”

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Written By: Squiggly Line Guy
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Legendary cyber security expert John McAfee is going all in on a wager with Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency market has experienced recent volatility, as it does on occasion before making even larger rebounds. McAfee tweeted about Bitcoin’s rebound as it is now appearing to once again increase in value.

McAfee then made a 3 year prediction about the value of Bitcoin, stating that within 3 years the value of a single coin will reach $500,000. He then invited his followers to make bets.

McAfee raised the stakes on this bet, stating that if he were to be wrong, he would eat his dick on national television.

Of course, trolls will be trolls. Twitter user @Alttrade replied to McAfee hoping he would fall just short.

What do you think? Will Bitcoin reach $500,000 in three years?


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  • Anthony D’Orazio

    I hope John is hungry.