Calling All Trolls: Meme War Declared On Chase Bank!

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Written by Squiggly Line Guy
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UPDATE: The Meme War was won.

A Meme War has been declared on J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, to commence on Friday July 28th. The war will be in effect until the demands are met. The demand: $30.

You may be wondering why the demand is so small. Well, that’s the amount I was wronged by. The only ask for a ceasefire is for Chase Bank to right a wrong.

The Background: On July 24th I attempted to book four seats on a flight to Japan. Chase Bank would only allow me to book three. Why? Because Chase imposed an arbitrary spending limit on me of $3,000.  This is despite the fact this is coming from my checking. This is despite the fact the funds were readily available. This is despite the fact I cleared fraud prevention. They refused to accommodate my purchase when asked. They denied me access to my own money, and only because they can.

They forced me to wait 24 hours to buy the last ticket. In that time, the price of the seat was raised by $30. This was very much likely due to supply and demand, as the three seats we booked the previous day triggered an artificial demand jump, as the flight was only half booked at that point. Had Chase allowed me to buy those four seats on the same day, I would not have fallen victim to the supply and demand cycle.

I asked Chase on Social Media to correct their error, and reimburse the difference that they costed me, and for no good reason too. They refused to do the right thing, faked empathy, and attempted to put it back on me assuring me that if I had contacted to ask for an increase that they would have obliged. They were completely oblivious to the fact they didn’t oblige.

So here are the following steps: You likely are reading this article on Thursday July 27th, the day before the Meme War begins. At this time, I would ask all of the readers to send the link to this article via Facebook Messenger to Chase, as well as Tweet it them on twitter.. Also tell them that Squiggly Line Guy wants his $30. This Facebook page is Chase and their Twitter handles are @Chase and @ChaseSupport.

You can follow me at either of my Social Media handles linked at the top. Follow me for the Memes. And Chase, you can contact me at either of those when you’ve got my $30.


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  • I Don’t Like Mondays

    Guy doesn’t take into consideration common banking and airline ticket pricing policies, gets stuck paying an extra $30 for ticket. Guy threatens bank to give him money that he has no legal right to or else he will troll them. Guy’s happens to have Facebook profile says he is working for Austin’s Senate campaign. Then he uses a platform owned by Austin to try recruit people to help troll the bank. He claims on his public Facebook page that he’ll donate the $30 to Austin’s campaign and is offering to donate the money in order to help recruit more people to the trolling effort (admitting he is trying to leverage Austin’s supporters to assist him on his quest).

    Do you think the campaign will use the $30 donation to buy Tylenol for the headaches this could cause them?