Michael Brown Shooting Video: “He Had His F**king Hands In The Air!”

Video provided to CNN claims that Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri was surrendering to police with his hands in the air.

From Talking Points Memo: 

Two men could be seen on video reacting to the shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., in what CNN described on Wednesday night as exclusive footage shot by a bystander on a cellphone.

“He had his fucking hands in the air!” one of the men is heard shouting in the moments after the Aug. 9 shooting of the black teen by a white police officer.

CNN aired the footage during “Anderson Cooper 360” and said it was filmed by an unidentified man near the scene of the shooting. CNN also talked to the two men who were shown on the video.

The men, who didn’t wish to be identified, told CNN they witnessed the shooting from about 50 yards away. The man shown in the video in a pink shirt told CNN that they heard one gun shot followed by another about 30 seconds later. He said he saw Brown staggering and putting his hands up saying “Okay, okay, okay” but that “the cop didn’t say get on the ground, he just kept shooting.”

The man in the green shirt told CNN he saw Brown running away from the police car with his hands up as the officer chased him. He also said the police officer shot Brown again when his back was turned, according to CNN.

  • Travis Badjib

    oh good lets start the race riots up again. And who the hell is that next to the truck?! and why wasn’t some guy with a truck being right next to the teen mentioned before?! him and his friend were supposedly walking down the middle of the street, so where is his friend? and where did this guy with the truck come from?

  • Jon Pryor

    I can’t believe you’re even posting this.

  • Ken Lowder

    This is a bs video. It doesn’t show anything of use, other than the “witnesses” are lying as the autopsy shows all hits were in the front, NONE in the back.

  • CountryWizard

    Another useless BS video to stir the race riots back up… CNN sucks at reporting and being biased…

  • Donald Marsh

    Why don’t the press quit stirring up trouble?

  • THOR 221

    Too bad the autopsy showed he was shot in the folds t with no bullet entry wounds from the back. At least that’s what I read.

  • honkey

    So they could hear ok ok ok from 50 feet away, but only heard 2 of the 11 gunshots?


    There are thousands of BS Cops today! They have support from
    their Unions and definitely from their family and friends. Like children in
    school, Cops and their “supporters” are much like the villains that
    use peer pressure under the guise and appearance of Integrity to promote undue
    influence. Plain abuse of power, and clearly they’re criminals who have done
    nothing to promote neither a free society nor a justifiably honest society.

  • Rick Hiltz

    what this video does is show that the people in the vicinity of the shooting were telling the truth and from the very beginning the police and the media have been trying to demonize Brown to make it look like the shooting was in fact valid and justified. ………………….the cop executed Mike Brown his the police have him and are working to save his career and prevent his going to jail they have no reason to investigate the crime committed against Brown in their eyes we need more dead fucking cops so they learn the law of the jungle they will soon become part of