Tyrannical Police Join Team Rocket, Give Citation To Compliant Pokemon Go Players In Park

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By: Crystal Byrd

Local police in St. Claire Shores, Michigan have potentially joined Team Rocket, and are now giving tickets to trainers on other teams.

On July 16th some friends made a trip to the local park to go Pokemon hunting. Was it late? Sure, but the park was full of folks playing the game. When police showed up, five people chose not to run. They chose to stand their ground and (gasp!) speak to the police.

Officer J. Johnson issued citations. The ticket lists “playing Pokemon Go” as the offense, but isn’t that just like Team Rocket?

They don’t mind trampling your rights or abusing authority to further their nefarious schemes. The ticket wasn’t for loitering, or disturbing the peace. The park has no gate or posted closing time. They were ticketed for playing a game. This would be funny if it wasn’t a little scary.

pokemon ticket

Is playing Pokemon Go against the law? Nope.

We can only hope a judge will throw this ticket out, but it says a lot about a culture that sends you to court to defend yourself for playing a video game and committing no other wrong doing. It can only be assumed that local police in St. Claire Shores are playing for Team Rocket and Officer Johnson is a little too competitive.

Government much? That’s a lose for freedom and a win for both local government tyranny and Team Rocket. It’s a sad day in the Pokeverse.

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  • Jarritt Cumba

    Surely there is more to this. What is on the top of the ticket that is bent I wonder. If that is all they were doing then there needs to be something done about this. Can’t be handing tickets out for just playing a game and not hurting anyone.

    • Mike Hughes

      It’s most likely the personal information.