Mormon Tabernacle Choir Member Resigns Over Inauguration

Written by Aaron Mathis

On January 20th of 2017, Donald J. Trump will be sworn-in as our nation’s 44th president.

In the wake of his election in the public vote, and the official electoral vote in December, the #notmypresident sentiment spread like wildfire across the country, with Democrats and Progressives searching for ways to end his presidency before it started.

First it was members of the Rockettes claiming they would refuse to preform at the Trump inauguration in Washington D.C., then Jan Chamberlin declared she would not be singing as part of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at the event.

“Since ‘the announcement,’ I have spent several sleepless nights and days in turmoil and agony. I have reflected carefully on both sides of the issue, prayed a lot, talked with family and friends, and searched my soul,” Jan Chamberlin said in her resignation letter. “I’ve tried to tell myself that by not going to the inauguration, that I would be able to stay in choir for all the other good reasons. I’ve tried to tell myself that it will be all right and that I can continue in good conscience before God and man.”

Chamberlin went on to say, “I only know I could never ‘throw roses to Hitler.’ And I certainly could never sing for him.”

What makes this situation particularly interesting is that these refusals come at a time when bakers are being forced to bake wedding cakes they cannot conscientiously agree to. The argument from the left and some libertarians was that you must be forced against your conscience to provide a service because #Muhsocialjustice, yet now, when the progressive shoe is on the other foot, and you disagree not religiously, but merely politically, the refusal of service is absolutely acceptable.

Trump has not yet taken the office of presidency, and if we are honest with ourselves, he is an unknown entity. Some of his actions have been very libertarian, others incredibly progressive.

As liberty minded people we must encourage liberty.

Freedom of association may be the most essential freedom there is. Every business owner should have the right to refuse service for any reason, but the free market should decide whether that business stays in business. The irony is that when you start destroying one freedom, the rest of your freedoms start dominoing. By destroying the true free market and replacing it with crony “capitalism” and governmental corporatism, the government perceived the need to step in and demand services be rendered because if you do not, you are a racist, bigot, sexist, or any other pejorative.