Muslim USA Olympian Mocks ISIS Victims In New Photo…

Muslim-American Olympic athlete Ibtihaj Muhammad has made headlines for her religion.

But questions are now circulating about a photo discovered of the woman posing, and allegedly mocking a beheading.

  • This is total BS. She’s screwing around with her fencing foil the same way damn near everyone does at some point when they’ve got a sword in hand, whether in class, competing, at home with a collection, or at faire! Perpetuating this BS is lazy journalism.

    • Patrick Winter

      The fact that she says America is racist against her people isn’t BS though. She is shameful.

      • Considering the fact that verbal and physical attacks on Muslim aren’t unheard of in America, she’s not terribly off base if overgeneralized. America is racist against plenty of people.

        • Brennan Frederick

          1. “Muslim” isn’t a race.
          2. While verbal and physical attacks against ANY group of people is wrong, I think judging someone based on their values and belief system (especially one as violent as Islam) is 100% justified. If any religion is above scrutiny, I think it’s a problem.

          With that said, I agree that this is lazy journalism, and that she’s just messing with her foil.

  • Kelvinator

    I’m no fan of this Olympic also-ran, but how is this mocking anybody. It looks like a goofy pic with a friend with a fencing sword. Somebody please tell me how this mocks ISIS victims.

  • Fred hgggg

    Slow news day?