New Hampshire State Senator Proposes Russian Vodka Ban at State Liquor Stores

Written by Jennifer Giorgi
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Jeff Woodburn, a leading Democrat in New Hampshire’s Senate, has proposed an interesting way of getting back at Russia for their alleged involvement in swaying the 2016 presidential elections.

In response to a recently declassified report detailing Russia’s involvement in swaying the elections, Woodburn proposed legislation which would determine how the Granite State would respond to the aggression.

“Given this confirmed interference in our elections, New Hampshire shouldn’t just continue a ‘business as usual’ relationship with Russia,” the Whitefield senator said in a press release.

The bill would create a bipartisan committee which would ultimately be in charge of coming up with ways for the state to deal with Russia.

Woodburn proposed a few ideas of his own, one being the halting of purchases of Russian-made liquor by the New Hampshire Liquor Commission.

“Foreign interference in our elections not only undermines our Constitutional democracy, but our independence and sovereignty,” Woodburn said. “This is not a partisan issue. That’s why I have invited all Senators and the bipartisan leadership of the NH House to co-sponsor this legislation.”

The New Hampshire Senate and House are both currently controlled by Republican majorities.